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Sports and Entertainment

A winning impression upon arrival and the insight to boost loyalty and safety

When patrons arrive at your casino or entertainment venue, they can’t wait to get inside. With a camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS), advanced wayfinding signage, and bright signaling LEDs, players and visitors are instantly directed to open spaces, allowing them to arrive at your tables and venues quicker while maximizing the usage of your parking facilities.

Industry Challenges

Casino and entertainment venue owners and operators seek to have guests in their establishment as soon as possible. The longer a guest is in their vehicle, the greater amount of time until they can spend funds within. Guests seek an elevated experience, to be placed on a pedestal.

Sports and Entertainment Solutions

With a camera-based M5 smart sensor system, advanced wayfinding signage, and bright signaling LEDs, players and visitors are instantly directed to open spaces, allowing them to arrive at your tables and venues quicker while maximizing the usage of your parking facilities.

Tailored Solutions for You 

As an adult-oriented venue, a casino or entertainment venue will naturally attract a wide range of patrons bringing with them a wide range of behaviors. What’s more, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place: in and between the parking spaces.

With a standard APGS installation, smart-sensor cameras identify vehicles and monitor occupancy in every parking space, which enables the INX core system to maintain a complete inventory of parked vehicles for security purposes. With our Park View Surveillance add-on software module, our M5 APGS can also capture streaming HD video whenever motion is detected in or around a space or continuously, if desired. This provides an expanded level of security and additional protection against liability, which would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities if needed.

Since every vehicle that parks in a Park Assist APGS solution monitored facility is identified through LPR, INX keeps track of exactly who’s using your garage, how often, and when.

Utilizing your INX system’s logic engine, Parkitect, you can empower Park Alerts, a compliance and rules communication module, to automatically recognize and reward repeat visitors. For instance, our parking management system can automatically alert guest relations staff when a high-value VIP player, season ticket holder, or a repeat traveler arrives so they can be welcomed at the door.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Park Alerts can be used to detect both parking and banned persons. Automated notifications can help prevent prohibited or non-customers from neighboring businesses and venues from continually accessing your free parking. They can also call immediate attention to known banned vehicles, to enable quick response by security teams.

Case Study

About MotorCity Casino Hotel

MotorCity Casino Hotel is a casino, hotel and banquet center in Detroit, Michigan. Opening in 1999, the casino hotel is one of three in the city but the only casino hotel with a camera-based parking guidance system.

MotorCity Casino Hotel selected the Park Assist M3 System in 2011 for its multi-level car park. With the Park Assist M3 System, advanced wayfinding signage and bright signaling LEDs, MotorCity customers are quickly whisked to open spaces getting them to the tables and venues quicker.

Why They Purchased

Car Parks are typically the first customer touch points at Sports and Entertainment venues. Our M3 System greatly enhances the ability to find an open space which allows customers to enter venues fast. This eliminates the stress of parking and provides customers with a world-class parking experience. 

The Park Assist M3 System provides real-time security for a variety of different venues such as casino’s which attract a wide range of patrons – and behaviors. Traditional security systems often struggle to monitor parking spaces effectively, but with the M3 System, vehicles are identified, and occupancy is monitored in every parking space. This allows for a complete inventory of parked vehicles and enables automated monitoring through the Park Surveillance software extension. With enhanced security measures, the M3 System ensures a safer environment for patrons and staff. 

Icon quote

David Nehra

Vice President of IT /Chief Information, Officer MotorCity Casino Hotel

“Being a casino, the customer experience is of great importance to us and the introduction of the Park Assist system has improved this greatly, especially as it is the first thing customers see when they come to visit us. The advanced video technology that Park Assist offers has also assisted us in other areas of our operation that are of great importance to us as a casino-namely the monitoring and security in our parking garages. Additionally, the ongoing support post the installation from Park Assist has been dedicated, repeatedly responsive and reliable. We have been very satisfied with the system’s performance. We have no hesitation recommending the Park Assist system and will consider working with Park Assist again.”

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