VDG Sense video management system prepared for new series of license plates in the Netherlands

New features, News, VDG Sense - August 21, 2019

TKH Security, part of TKH Group, has prepared its VDG Sense video management system to ‘catch them all’, even the latest series of license plates as released this Monday by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority RDW.

With its bi-monthly release schedule, TKH Security B.V.’s research and development office is continually improving the software of its famed video management system VDG Sense, which is adapted to and suitable for all various TKH camera product ranges.

VDG Sense is the most creative and flexible video management system on the market. VDG Sense is available for any video security solution and can be tailor made to fit your exact wishes and requirements.

With VDG Sense you have control of all live images and stored video data, in a user-friendly interface. It is scalable from just a few to hundreds of cameras and other connected devices. Integration in any (video) security environment and with any security device is made easy through the open platform architecture, a well-documented API and ONVIF support for multi-brand cameras and devices.

CarR is a highly intelligent server-based algorithm to scan license plates in a live video stream of a standard surveillance camera. Example applications of CarR could be:

  • To classify the license plate to the country of origin;
  • Compare the found license plate to black or white lists;
  • Count vehicles to detect when a parking lot is full;
  • Detect vehicles returning within a pre-defined period.