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Mercy Hospital Puts Parking Experience First When Designing New Garage

Park Assist Solutions 01.03.2024

Cheshire, CT – September 26, 2022 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) has been awarded an Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) contract by Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, MO. In Summer 2023, Mercy Hospital St. Louis is scheduled to complete a new, state of the art, five level Mercy Ballas Multispecialty Center across the street from the primary medical facility. A new high-tech parking structure is also a part of the project.

A recent 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award winner, Mercy Hospital’s patient centric approach to healthcare begins the moment each patient enters the parking garage. “We looked at everything. Nothing was off the table,” said Dr. Jeff Ciaramita, president Mercy Clinic in the St. Louis region. “Mercy’s mission is to get health care right and we know that when patients are dealing with health concerns, they need ease. We must make everything from finding a parking spot to wait times easier for our patients. By enabling them to plan and take charge, we provide calm in the midst of sometimes challenging health care needs.”

The first touchpoint of a seamless patient experience, the high-tech parking garage will provide 973 new parking spaces. Patients will be able to find an available parking spot efficiently with TKH Security’s new M5 camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS). The bright, red and green color-coded LED light on the smart sensors instantly visually direct patients to available spaces. Reducing time to parking by up to 63%, TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) allows patients to sign in at their appointment quickly. Finding a parking space quickly can also reduce stress many feel during the parking process.

“I’m excited to work with Mercy Hospital on their primary focus – customer experience first. Parking is a customer’s first touchpoint of their visit, not the inside of a doctor’s office.,” said Jeff Sparrow, TKH Security Regional Account Manager. “In the parking industry, the customer experience is becoming more top of mind. Our products and services align perfectly with this focus. I’m looking forward to working on more customer centric projects.”

Mercy Hospital’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:
• Park Alerts, which notify operators when certain vehicles enter the building including VIPs and persons banned,
• Park Surveillance to capture streaming video when motion is detected in or around a space, or continuously if desired,
• INX with real time dashboards and business intelligence to maximize parking operations,
• And TKH Security’s API package that will provide Mercy Hospital with a secure connection to a limitless set of third-party parking related solutions.

From Mercy’s project concept to completion, TKH Security is proud to also partner with Schaeffer Electric Co., Inc., Walker Consultants, and Alberici Constructors.

About Mercy Hospital

Mercy, one of the 25 largest U.S. health systems and named the top large system in the U.S. for excellent patient experience by NRC Health, serves millions annually with nationally recognized quality care and one of the nation’s largest Accountable Care Organizations. Mercy is a highly integrated, multi-state health care system including more than 40 acute care, managed and specialty (heart, children’s, orthopedic and rehab) hospitals, convenient and urgent care locations, imaging centers and pharmacies. Mercy has 900 physician practices and outpatient facilities, 4,000 Mercy Clinic physicians and advanced practitioners, and more than 40,000 co-workers serving patients and families across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Mercy also has clinics, outpatient services and outreach ministries in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Asheville Regional Airport’s Expansive List of Customer Amenities Now Includes Upgraded Parking Facilities

Park Assist Solutions 25.01.2024

Cheshire, CT – January 25, 2024 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) is delighted to announce the successful implementation of its Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) at the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) in Fletcher, NC. The camera-based parking guidance system, awarded through a contract with the Asheville Regional Airport Authority, is now live and enhancing the overall customer experience for AVL’s travelers.

“The addition of a visual parking guidance system in our parking garage is an excellent enhancement for travelers,” said Lew Bleiweis, A.A.E., President and CEO of Asheville Regional Airport. “Our parking garage is often very full, and now our customers can easily identify open spaces with a quick glance, which makes the parking process much more efficient. The system works well, a definite improvement for our customers.”

In 2022, AVL made an economic impact of $2.26 billion in the region, marking a record-breaking year with more than 1.8 million passengers, a 29% increase compared to 2021. And just released, 2023 passenger numbers grew by 22% resulting in AVL’s first-ever year in which more than 2 million passengers were served. Responding to this growth and anticipating future demand, AVL unveiled an expansion plan named AVL Forward in the summer of 2023. This initiative includes the construction of a new terminal, which broke ground at the same time installation began on their new APGS.

The APGS monitors more than 1,000 parking spaces across five levels of parking. TKH Security’s camera-based M5 smart sensor system provides an effective method for travelers to quickly find available parking spaces, significantly reducing their time to park by up to 63%. The M5 smart-sensors, capable of monitoring up to six parking spaces simultaneously, utilize bright, color-coded LED lights (often green for available and red for occupied) to visually guide parkers to open spaces, alleviating potential stress during the parking process. The APGS not only reduces traffic congestion but also assists travelers in reaching their gates faster.

Capturing footage 24/7, the autonomous, camera-based M5 smart-sensors stream live HD video to the central database, INX. This allows the Parking Division to perform real-time monitoring of occupancy and activity, using interactive dashboards with live data. Operators can maximize usage and revenue per square foot, improve security and surveillance, and forecast traveler activity.

“We take pride in being the number one provider of camera-based parking guidance in the US. Working with the Asheville Regional Airport, our team is excited about our continued growth in the state of North Carolina. We’re thrilled to provide AVL’s travelers with an enhanced and stress-free parking experience,” said Regional Sales Executive, Southeast, Thomas Alexander. “AVL is our 4th major APGS airport project in North Carolina.”

As scheduled, APGS installation was completed in the first quarter of 2024. AVL’s APGS package also includes:

Fast Company‘s recent article, “The new, sci-fi ways AI will radically redesign airports,” shines a light on TKH Security’s APGS and its impact on airport parking experiences. The article not only underscores the efficiency, security, and convenience features of our APGS, as witnessed at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, but also aligns with our recent partnership at the Asheville Regional Airport.

“Being featured in Fast Company is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our team. With AVL’s Automated Parking Guidance System now live, we’re proud to offer travelers a parking experience that prioritizes efficiency and convenience, shaping the future of airport operations,” said Thomas.

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Colorado School of Mines Elevates Parking Experience with TKH Security’s State-of-the-Art Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 22.12.2023
Colorado School of Mines to upgrade parking garage with APGS

Cheshire, CT – December 20, 2023 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist), a leading technology provider in camera-based Automated Parking Guidance Systems (APGS), is pleased to announce the prestigious Colorado School of Mines has chosen our cutting-edge parking solutions to enhance the overall parking experience on their campus in C+PKll garage with 871 parking spaces.

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is located in Golden, Colorado. Recently celebrating its Fall 2023 Undergraduate Commencement, Mines is a public research university focused on applied science and engineering. Mines once again ranked among the nation’s top universities in U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 edition of Best Colleges, ranking #36 in Top Public Schools nationwide and first in Colorado.

“As we see available land shrinking on college campuses across North America, the need for parking guidance to maximize overall availability is becoming essential,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Our technology not only maximizes parking efficiency but also offers enhanced security features, creating a safer environment. To the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, campus security will be able to better monitor each parking space.”

The camera-based M5 smart-sensor is the core of our automated parking guidance system (APGS). With two CMOS digital cameras on either side, the M5 smart-sensors are installed above the driving lane to monitor up to six parking spaces each, up to three on each side. Exhibiting a 99%+ accuracy rate, the M5 has a full spectrum RGB (LED) indicator that can be configured to display thousands of colors to indicate occupancy and parking space type. Most commonly, green indicates available, blue indicates handicapped, purple indicates EV, while red indicates occupied. Reducing time to park by up to 63%, the system not only facilities a smoother traffic flow inside the parking garage but it also reduces congestion in the surrounding areas.

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

Camera-based C5 Smart Counting Solution to be placed at key points to accurately detect and count bidirectional traffic, sending the data to both VMS signs and INX,

“Mines selected us based on our leadership in camera-based APGS and our extensive experience in successful parking guidance installations. With installation beginning in Q1 2024, I look forward to working closely with Mines on this project,” said Sparrow.

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Explore the S2, a Camera-Based Solution for Rooftops and Surface Lots

Park Assist Solutions 08.12.2023

Cheshire, CT – Our S2 Outdoor Solution is a cutting-edge camera-based parking system designed to optimize outdoor parking spaces. Created specifically for rooftops and surface lots, the system employs advanced camera-based technology and smart algorithms to monitor and manage parking availability in real-time.

Without cutting into asphalt, the S2 Outdoor Solution can be seamlessly installed and integrated into your existing infrastructure, enabling efficient utilization of parking resources. With its emphasis on enhancing the overall parking experience, the S2 Outdoor Solution aims to revolutionize outdoor parking management.

The City of Aspen transforms the parking experience at Rio Grande Parking Plaza with TKH Security’s Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 08.12.2023

Cheshire, CT – December 8, 2023 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) is excited to share the news of its recent partnership with the City of Aspen for its Rio Grande Parking Plaza in Aspen, Colorado. Central to this collaboration is the implementation of a cutting-edge Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS), marking an advancement in parking efficiency and convenience for the City of Aspen. The installation commenced in December 2023, with completion slated for early 2024.

Surrounded by four monumental ski areas, Aspen is a premier ski resort town and year-round outdoor recreation destination. At an elevation of 8,000ft, Aspen is also known for its arts and culture, acclaimed cuisine, and first-class accommodations. With the installation of TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS), the City aims to elevate the experience of visitors and employees alike in its four-story parking garage,
the Rio Grande Parking Plaza.

TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) maximizes parking facility management and elevates the parker’s experience from the moment of garage entry to finding an open space. At the heart of the automated parking guidance system (APGS) is the M5 camera-based smart sensor, capable of monitoring up to six parking spaces simultaneously. These sensors employ continuous streaming HD video 24/7, delivering real-time occupancy data for each parking bay. With accuracy exceeding 99%, M5 sensors provide precise and current information about space availability. Guiding parkers with green and red LED lights on the sensors, the system reduces the time to park by up to 63%.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with the City of Aspen on this transformative project. The decision to implement our automated parking guidance system (APGS) was driven by the City’s vision to enhance the parking experience through innovative last-mile wayfinding solutions,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Our camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, coupled with our extensive experience in parking guidance installations, ensures a reliable and efficient solution tailored to the unique needs of the City of Aspen.”

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

TKH Security is proud to partner with Kubed Fire Suppression on this project.

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Maximize Parking Efficiency with an Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 08.12.2023

Cheshire, CT – When drivers enter a parking garage, their expectation is to quickly find a spot so they can meet their friends at a downtown restaurant, grab a good seat at an event, or make it to class on time. However, when inefficiencies are present, they affect the ability of the driver to park, leading to a variety of issues and headaches for both drivers and parking structure operators.

Drivers with negative parking garage experiences complain, in person and online, leading to the garage (and in turn, the business that owns it) receiving a negative reputation. If the parking structure isn’t known for being easy to navigate, that reputation may lead drivers to seek out alternative parking solutions, resulting in loss of revenue. And, if businesses are dedicating labor resources to manually monitoring the parking structure, those costs will impact the structure’s profitability even further.

Consequences of Inefficiencies in Parking Garages

The lack of efficiency in parking garages causes several problems for the owners. From wasting employee resources to poor user experience,
there are a variety of issues that arise from parking structures using outdated practices.

Aggravated Customers

One of the most common issues parking garages are faced with is customer frustration. When a driver needs to park in the structure and has to pay, they understandably become upset when they drive around for long periods of time searching for a spot to park. Sometimes, they may not even be able to park in that structure, forcing them to leave and find parking elsewhere.

As noted in Harvard Business Review’s The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified, “customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.” People want to have positive encounters; therefore they will reward companies who excel with repeat business, leading to increased revenue. However, when customers experience negative encounters, they will avoid those businesses.

Poor Reputation

If a business owns a parking garage, inefficiencies in the structure could lead to a poor reputation. Reputation is paramount for businesses, and even substandard parking accommodations could reflect poorly on them. If the parking conditions are unacceptable, customers could voice their safety concerns or frustrations on social media instead of reaching out to the business directly.

For example, a student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville posted on Reddit detailing their experience of trying to find a parking spot so they could make it to class on time.

“So, I got to the 11th St. parking garage 15 minutes before my class started in Jesse Harris. I drove around for 20 minutes waiting for parking and there was nothing, went to two other garages and the same thing. Went back to the 11th St. garage and while someone clogged up the driving lane because she was waiting on someone to pull out from a parking spot, backed into another car behind them and had to wait on a parking maid to come over to assess the situation all while I’m right behind it,” complained muscari2 (Reddit).

Loss of Revenue

When drivers have a negative parking experience, the reputation of the garage is on the line. With the click of a button, frustrated parkers can share their unfavorable experience with their entire network, online or in person. If a garage becomes known for being a difficult place to park, potential customers bypass them. People may choose not to attend events if they might have to park there, resulting in cities and municipalities losing revenue. Similar to other industries with large parking garages, airports are not immune; they could lose revenue because travelers choose to use a ride sharing service instead of parking their cars on airport property due to poor parking experiences.

Wasted Employee Resources

Dedicating manpower to staffing and monitoring parking structures is another source of inefficiency. In manually operated parking structures, employees monitor the garage, counting and noting occupancy levels, during peak times, potentially multiple times a day. While businesses can use the information for decision making, the time and resources it takes to gather this information could be better spent elsewhere for these businesses.

An Automated Parking Guidance System is the Solution to Parking
Garage Inefficiencies

No business wants their parking garage to be the source of poor user experience or earn a bad reputation. To remedy the inefficiencies detailed above, businesses that operate parking structures can maximize parking garage efficiency and elevate the customer experience with an automated parking guidance system (APGS).

Enhance Customer Experience

When a parking garage installs an automated parking guidance system (APGS), the user experience is immediately enhanced. Drivers quickly glance at exterior wayfinding signage to learn how many parking spots are available in the garage, preventing them from wondering if there will be an available spot or wasting their valuable time. Inside the structure, signs are placed at decision points where drivers must turn left or right, showing how many spots are available to each direction. The signage prevents parkers from aimlessly driving around trying to find an empty space that may or may not be there.

Since parkers instantly know how many parking spots are available and where to find them, they won’t feel frustrated while looking for a place to park so they can continue with their plans. When parking garages use an automated parking guidance system (APGS), user experience becomes positive overall.

Cultivate a Great Reputation

Since the experience of finding a parking spot is simplified with automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, users are likely to share their experience with friends and family (in person and on social media) about how easy it is to find parking.

“Word-of-mouth marketing creates highly persuasive brand advocacy. We trust our friends and family when they recommend retailers, services, or companies. We also often trust both negative and positive customer reviews and other forms of user-generated content when making purchasing decisions,” details Max Freedman, a contributing writer at

Garages that have an automated parking guidance system (APGS) installed will become known as the best and most convenient place to park, gaining a positive reputation and increasing the amount of people using the garage.

Gain in Revenue

As parking structures that implement an automated parking guidance system (APGS) cultivate a positive reputation, more drivers will want to use them. Drivers will choose garages with an automated parking guidance (APGS) since they will be able to find a spot faster compared to a garage without an advanced parking solution.

With drivers sharing a positive opinion of these structures, others will want to use them too, which increases revenue for businesses, cities, and municipalities. Airports increase revenue as well since the automated parking guidance system (APGS) experience will be easier and less stressful for travelers.

Streamline Employee Resources

An automated parking guidance system (APGS) not only makes the user experience more positive and enjoyable, it also streamlines employee resources. With automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, business owners no longer have to send employees out to the parking garage to manually track occupancy. The automated parking guidance system (APGS) stores valuable information about parking resources, so all an employee has to do is find the information with a few clicks of a button, saving businesses time and money.

Seamless Integration of the Park Assist Solution from TKH Security

The Park Assist solution from TKH Security turns headaches and frustration caused by lack of efficiency into positive experiences for drivers everywhere. Automated parking guidance systems (APGS) can be installed easily into existing structures. With the installation of an automated parking guidance system (APGS), efficiency in parking will increase in garages, preventing businesses from needing to build an entirely new structure.

Businesses planning to build a new parking facility can benefit from an automated parking guidance system (APGS) too. Architects, consultants, and engineers may even consider the Park Assist solution system as part of their design process for a new parking garage, creating a structure that integrates efficiency from the beginning.

Inefficiencies in parking garages truly affect the user experience in a negative way, which could result in a damaging opinion that decreases revenue. However, with the use of an automated parking guidance system (APGS) in parking garages, the efficiency in parking structures will be maximized, leading to better user experience, a polished reputation, and increased revenue.

Horseshoe St Louis to Revolutionize the Parking Experience for Guests with a State-of-the-Art Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 07.12.2023

Cheshire, CT – November 7, 2023 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with Horseshoe St Louis in St Louis, Missouri. The core of the partnership is the installation of a state-of-the-art Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS), ushering in a new era of parking efficiency and convenience for Horseshoe St Louis and its patrons.

Horseshoe St Louis is a premier casino and entertainment destination in St. Louis, Missouri. With the installation of TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS), the casino aims to elevate the experience of guests and employees alike in its 867-space, four story parking garage.

TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) optimizes parking facility management and enhances the parker’s experience from initial garage entry to an open space. Monitoring up to six parking spaces simultaneously, the M5 camera-based smart sensor is the core of the automated parking guidance system (APGS). Sensors utilize streaming HD video 24/7 to provide operators with real-time occupancy data for each parking bay. With 99%+ accuracy, M5 sensors ensure precise and up-to-date information about space availability. Green and red LED lights on the sensors navigate parkers to the available spaces, reducing the time to park by up to 63%.

“We’re pleased to be selected by Horseshoe St Louis in their quest to elevate customer satisfaction through innovative parking solutions. This partnership showcases our dedication to transforming the parking experience for casinos and entertainment venues,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “We anticipate installation completion in early 2024.”

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

TKH Security is proud to partner with Schaeffer Electric Co on this project.

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ATLAS – The future of access management is here

Security Management 23.11.2023

Our multi-faceted solution brings together key considerations of security and technology, today and tomorrow, offering:

Our plug-and-play solution creates an affordable and efficient process that fits with the needs of today’s modern, hybrid environment.

For more information on how we’re supporting the transition to a new way of working watch the demonstration.