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Exciting News! Our Newest Team Members

Corporate 31.01.2024

We are thrilled to introduce the latest talents joining our exceptional team, each contributing valuable skills and experience
to fortify our commitment to โ€˜Technology for your security.โ€™ Please join us in welcoming (from left to right):

Their addition is a testament to our dedication in strengthening our talented teams. Join us in extending a warm welcome
to our newest members of the TKH Security family as we wish them all the best for a bright future.

Asheville Regional Airportโ€™s Expansive List of Customer Amenities Now Includes Upgraded Parking Facilities

Park Assist Solutions 05.01.2024

Cheshire, CT โ€“ January 25, 2024 โ€“ TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) is delighted to announce the successful implementation of its Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) at the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) in Fletcher, NC. The camera-based parking guidance system, awarded through a contract with the Asheville Regional Airport Authority, is now live and enhancing the overall customer experience for AVLโ€™s travelers.

โ€œThe addition of a visual parking guidance system in our parking garage is an excellent enhancement for travelers,โ€ said Lew Bleiweis, A.A.E., President and CEO of Asheville Regional Airport. โ€œOur parking garage is often very full, and now our customers can easily identify open spaces with a quick glance, which makes the parking process much more efficient. The system works well, a definite improvement for our customers.โ€

In 2022, AVL made an economic impact of $2.26 billion in the region, marking a record-breaking year with more than 1.8 million passengers, a 29% increase compared to 2021. And just released, 2023 passenger numbers grew by 22% resulting in AVLโ€™s first-ever year in which more than 2 million passengers were served. Responding to this growth and anticipating future demand, AVL unveiled an expansion plan named AVL Forward in the summer of 2023. This initiative includes the construction of a new terminal, which broke ground at the same time installation began on their new APGS.

The APGS monitors more than 1,000 parking spaces across five levels of parking. TKH Securityโ€™s camera-based M5 smart sensor system provides an effective method for travelers to quickly find available parking spaces, significantly reducing their time to park by up to 63%. The M5 smart-sensors, capable of monitoring up to six parking spaces simultaneously, utilize bright, color-coded LED lights (often green for available and red for occupied) to visually guide parkers to open spaces, alleviating potential stress during the parking process. The APGS not only reduces traffic congestion but also assists travelers in reaching their gates faster.

Capturing footage 24/7, the autonomous, camera-based M5 smart-sensors stream live HD video to the central database, INX. This allows the Parking Division to perform real-time monitoring of occupancy and activity, using interactive dashboards with live data. Operators can maximize usage and revenue per square foot, improve security and surveillance, and forecast traveler activity.

โ€œWe take pride in being the number one provider of camera-based parking guidance in the US. Working with the Asheville Regional Airport, our team is excited about our continued growth in the state of North Carolina. Weโ€™re thrilled to provide AVLโ€™s travelers with an enhanced and stress-free parking experience,โ€ said Regional Sales Executive, Southeast, Thomas Alexander. โ€œAVL is our 4th major APGS airport project in North Carolina.โ€

As scheduled, APGS installation was completed in the first quarter of 2024. AVLโ€™s APGS package also includes:

Fast Companyโ€˜s recent article, โ€œThe new, sci-fi ways AI will radically redesign airports,โ€ shines a light on TKH Securityโ€™s APGS and its impact on airport parking experiences. The article not only underscores the efficiency, security, and convenience features of our APGS, as witnessed at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, but also aligns with our recent partnership at the Asheville Regional Airport.

โ€œBeing featured in Fast Company is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our team. With AVLโ€™s Automated Parking Guidance System now live, weโ€™re proud to offer travelers a parking experience that prioritizes efficiency and convenience, shaping the future of airport operations,โ€ said Thomas.

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ATLAS: Access at hand. Meet The Team!

Innovations Security Management 05.01.2024

Behind ATLAS stands a dedicated team, working towards a collective vision to provide an industry disruptive Access Solution. Take a closer look at their personal experiences with ATLAS:

Danny โ€“ Product Owner
“It’s incredible to start a project from scratch and have all kinds of people and stakeholders become enthused about it.”

Leon โ€“ Business Manager โ€“ One of the founders of ATLAS responsible for the entire development team and product strategy.
“Being stubborn on product vision and flexible on details helped to achieve the goals we defined for ATLAS.”

Bert โ€“ Technical Team Lead
“Installing at our first real customer and having happy users afterwards was my favorite moment.”

Guus โ€“ Software Engineer (Backend and Token Authority)
“The beauty about ATLAS is that we can use it in so many ways. I’ve heard ideas of locker-rental, hotel rooms, and even apartment buildings. Right now, our focus is on offices big and small.”

Mustafa โ€“ Embedded Specialist (Integrating DOM Hardware/Locks in ATLAS)
“How is ATLAS different from what’s out there? – It’s seamless integration in an existing System (Office 365)!”

Viktoria โ€“ Product Owner
Optimizing backlog, bridging communication between stakeholders, management, customers and the development team.
“ATLAS was built to be simple. It doesn’t require extensive training to transfer the knowledge of how it works. Nothing is overcomplicated but rather easy and convenient.”

Wim โ€“ Senior Software Developer
“My favorite moment? Delivery for the first customer!”

Ewaryst โ€“ Full Stack Developer (Working mainly on the backend)
“I think my passion for programming and software engineering was crucial. I’ve learned a lot about developing cloud-native applications in AWS.”

Patryk โ€“ QA Engineer
With new technologies (AWS), it pushed me to learn new ways of working and new tools.

Radek โ€“ Frontend Developer
“Favorite moment? Implementation at the first client. I’ve been in this project since its inception – it’s very nice to experience the whole process from the first line of code to the production launch.”

ATLAS Access is our solution created with unity, expertise and passion. We are proud to have been there at every step, together challenging ourselves to create this innovative platform. Want to know how we set up our dynamic team structure? Look out for the next project ATLAS post! You can also find out more information about ATLAS by clicking here.

Delighted to celebrate our thriving partnership with DOM Security.

Innovations Security Management 02.01.2024

Strong relationships are the benchmark of success, and together with DOM Security, we’re proud to offer our ATLAS Access platform. This combines the ever-high quality of DOM Security locking products with our commitment to provide technology for your security.

Empowering end users, our collaboration makes it effortless to manage access through daily tools like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID, while streamlining visitor management through Outlook.  

We look forward to continued success together.

Colorado School of Mines Elevates Parking Experience with TKH Securityโ€™s State-of-the-Art Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 22.12.2023
Colorado School of Mines to upgrade parking garage with APGS

Cheshire, CT โ€“ December 20, 2023 โ€“ TKH Security (formerly Park Assist), a leading technology provider in camera-based Automated Parking Guidance Systems (APGS), is pleased to announce the prestigious Colorado School of Mines has chosen our cutting-edge parking solutions to enhance the overall parking experience on their campus in C+PKll garage with 871 parking spaces.

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is located in Golden, Colorado. Recently celebrating its Fall 2023 Undergraduate Commencement, Mines is a public research university focused on applied science and engineering. Mines once again ranked among the nationโ€™s top universities in U.S. News & World Reportโ€™s 2024 edition of Best Colleges, ranking #36 in Top Public Schools nationwide and first in Colorado.

โ€œAs we see available land shrinking on college campuses across North America, the need for parking guidance to maximize overall availability is becoming essential,โ€ said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. โ€œOur technology not only maximizes parking efficiency but also offers enhanced security features, creating a safer environment. To the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, campus security will be able to better monitor each parking space.โ€

The camera-based M5 smart-sensor is the core of our automated parking guidance system (APGS). With two CMOS digital cameras on either side, the M5 smart-sensors are installed above the driving lane to monitor up to six parking spaces each, up to three on each side. Exhibiting a 99%+ accuracy rate, the M5 has a full spectrum RGB (LED) indicator that can be configured to display thousands of colors to indicate occupancy and parking space type. Most commonly, green indicates available, blue indicates handicapped, purple indicates EV, while red indicates occupied. Reducing time to park by up to 63%, the system not only facilities a smoother traffic flow inside the parking garage but it also reduces congestion in the surrounding areas.

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

Camera-based C5 Smart Counting Solution to be placed at key points to accurately detect and count bidirectional traffic, sending the data to both VMS signs and INX,

โ€œMines selected us based on our leadership in camera-based APGS and our extensive experience in successful parking guidance installations. With installation beginning in Q1 2024, I look forward to working closely with Mines on this project,โ€ said Sparrow.

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Celebrating a Successful Year Together: Gratitude, Achievements, and Holiday Cheer

Corporate 22.12.2023

As the year draws to a close, we express our gratitude for the remarkable journey we’ve shared with our clients, partners, and global teams. Together, we’ve achieved significant milestones in our mission to build and create technology for your security.

Collaboration is key, and your unwavering support fuels our determination to ensure a more secure and comfortable working and living environment as we step into 2024!

As we embrace the holiday season, let’s take a moment to appreciate our collective achievements. May this festive season bring joy, peace, and prosperity.

Here’s to a well-deserved break, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.
Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

From all of us at TKH Security.