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Case Study

noris network AG

Founded in 1993, noris were the first Internet service provider in northern Bavaria making them a pioneer. They have been living up to this role for 30 years. With now more than 500 colleagues, they offer their customers IT services in various areas.


Wanting flexible, adaptable, and fail-safe solutions, challenges centred around:

  • Central management of 3 main locations and secondary locations.
  • Upgrading the access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems to include over 4000 readers and 800 cameras.
  • Providing a customized overview of event and alarm notifications from all locations.
  • Multi-factor authentication for specific rooms.
  • Providing an integrated intercom system.

A Tailored Approach

In cooperation with noris, we implemented:

  • IPROTECT Access Control – Our security management system that integrates access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and intercom through a unified interface.
  • VDG SENSE Video Management System – Leveraging video content analytics such as motion detection and event-driven macros that simplify the setup of triggering functions for predefined events.

Floorplans with IPROTECT AC

Our Solution

With its intuitive interface, Floorplans seamlessly integrates crucial daily use activities that can be tailored for each user:


The Outcome

  • All alarm and event messages from the three main sites and smaller secondary sites are managed centrally.
  • A unified overview of events enables swift responses to security events and efficient office-wide monitoring.
  • Intercom allows operators to proactively manage communication based on events from Floorplans.

Multi-factor authentication within IPROTECT AC

The Outcome

  • Hardware and software from third-party providers can
    be integrated into our system via various interfaces, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined approach
    to access control and monitoring.
  • Access to security areas is secured using a combination of card access with PIN readers, and for particularly critical areas, vein scanners were employed for an added layer
    of security.
  • On attempts of intrusion, alarms notify operators with the aid of our VMS and integrated intercom – with events viewable in Floorplans – allowing for prompt action.

Locking Business-Critical Areas

Our Solution

Integrating into existing infrastructure, TANlock Rack Handle effectively secures areas such as data centres, control cabinets, and critical infrastructure with ease.


The Outcome

  • The integration with AC effectively secures noris’ server cabinets and provides solutions for optimizing, verifying, and proving mechanical access.
  • Secured by Pin authentication, unauthorized entry attempts or misuse are logged and sent as real time messages.

VDG SENSE Video Management System

Our Solutions

Events coming from the VMS can be used
to trigger access control functionalities.

The Outcome

  • For external monitoring, sensors are connected to our readers. When an access attempt occurs, information is transferred to our VMS, triggering a command to move a camera to a pre-defined position.
  • Motion detection in seldom-used areas, notifying the client of suspicious activity through alarms handled within Floorplans.
  • Video Walls – Fully customizable monitor layouts are in place to display functions such as live video, event descriptions, and more.
  • Integrated intercom within our VMS that facilitates communication at access points.

Tim Zocher

Datacenter Engineer, DCIM (Datacenter Infrastructure Management)

“One of the most important elements for us was to centralize the management of our multiple sites – and the integrated solutions really covered our security and convenience needs. What we now have in place is a unified solution that provides top notch security considerations that enhance our daily operations.”

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