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Interview with Cody

“I’ve found a great fit within a team of likeminded and enthusiastic professionals.”

Can you tell us what your job function is?

I’m the Director of Sales for APAC, which revolves around both direct and distribution sales channels of Parking Guidance Systems and FLINQ. The role is a client facing one, an aspect I enjoy, being able to build relationships with our clients to better understand and solicit requirements and problems we then seek to solve.   

How long have you been working here? 

3 Years. Before this I worked in the energy sector (O&G + Renewable) in Singapore and before that, Dubai, however I was attracted to join a progressive and innovative company in the tech space, more aligned to my interests and values.  

Why so long?

I’ve found a great fit within a team of likeminded and enthusiastic professionals. A real plus for me, working out of the Australia branch is that I get to work with a relatively small team day to day (~20) which enables us to be agile and respond quickly to market & client requirements, but also have the support and leverage of a global corporate network.

What characterizes your colleagues? 

The majority of my colleagues are long tenured, far outstretching my 3 years, which I always see as a positive sign that we can attract and retain top talent. Whilst the team is diverse, both from a background and skillset perspective, they come together and complement each other nicely – a well-oiled machine.  

Outside of work? 

Outside of work you will find me following my various sporting teams or playing golf (which can be both a blessing and a curse!).