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Interview with Fidel

“TKH Security is a company that adapts to every employee, which is key in a professional environment.”

Tell us Fidel, what brings you to TKH Security?

Learning new cutting-edge technologies has been always a priority for me. When I considered a change in my professional experience, I discovered TKH Security: new challenges related to parking guidance sounded exciting for me.   

After reviewing the portfolio of the company, I discovered that I share more with the company than I imagined: We have the same values and vision.   

After this (almost) 1 year, I can confirm that this change has been what I needed.  

Can you walk me through a typical day in this role?  

The work to be done in the R&D department is organized continuously by using agile methodologies. The team is totally autonomous, so we can organize the work in the best way depending on the available resources. The day starts with coding, designing or meeting with some colleagues. It really depends on the current task under development. A daily meeting takes place at about 11am to coordinate and solve problems that could appear during the day.  

My role is oriented around development, so most of the time I am focused on writing code, designing solutions, debugging and integrating new functionalities.   

Why do you think other people would want to work here?  

There are multiple reasons why a new employee could enjoy working in this company (as I am doing!), but for me the main reason is: TKH Security provides enough space for you to grow. You can decide the way you work, so you can organize yourself in the best way, while your manager helps you to reach your objectives.

What do other people need to know about TKH Security?  

TKH Security is a company that adapts to every employee, which is key in a professional environment. During your first week of work in TKH Security you will feel as if you’ve been here for several years!  

Which characteristics are worth gold in this organization?  
  • Space for growth and self-development.  
  • Nice colleagues (from all over the world), and a friendly work environment.
  • Innovative technology.  
  • New challenges every day!   
  • Flexibility.  
  • Everyone helps each other. If you need something, there is always someone ready to help you!  
  • Communication with other layers of the company is easy and possible. There are no obstacles. 
  •   Your opinion is always heard and taken into consideration.