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Interview with Pablo

“I found in TKH Security what I was looking for: a great opportunity to challenging myself professionally.”

Can you tell us what your job function is?

I’m currently working in the Projects department as a Project Engineer/Coordinator. I’m responsible for the coordination of the projects we sell. This means that once we sell the project, I take care of the follow up and support of it, from the first to the last stage. This involves the shipping of material, installation, and commissioning, as well as training for each of these steps. I also visit projects when required for the final system commissioning.

How long have you been working here?  

For almost 8 years at TKH Security, 4 of which have been spent in the Projects department. Previously, I was in the Support team department, and I also worked as a Product Manager. Since day one, I’ve been commissioning engineer tasks.

Why so long?

Time flies, right? If you have asked me back in the day, I probably wouldn’t have thought I would have stayed somewhere for so long. When you’re young you’re trying to find yourself. But I found in TKH Security what I was looking for: a great opportunity to challenge myself professionally. I’ve had the chance to work in 4 different departments, learning from all of them. I’ve travelled throughout the world working on projects, giving me access to new cultures, ways of working, people and experiences. I’ve never stopped growing.

What characterizes your colleagues?

As you can imagine, for 8 years I have had the chance to meet and work with many great people, learning from each one of them. Furthermore, since I joined TKH Security, the company has grown and I am now working with more colleagues from other branches (NL, US, MENA, etc). The more I work with different people, the more I learn from them.

Sounds good. Do you want to add anything else?  

Since the merger with TKH Security, the opportunities have increased, and a wider variety of fields have come into play. I’m excited about the opportunities that will arise in the future.