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By government we mean the provincial and municipal government, but also the tax authorities, customs, police, court houses and correctional institutions.

You understand that the security of government buildings is of (inter)national importance and that this is examined even more critically than for example with regular office buildings. This often concerns privacy-sensitive information and the protection of our society.

TKH Security offers the government a wide variety of technological security solutions that support challenges, such as:
  • Minimizing unwanted visitors in restricted areas
  • Protection of data storage
  • Monitoring of public areas
  • Registration of visitors and staff.
You can manage and control your entire security with one dashboard. We offer you for example access and door control, video surveillance, intercom systems and intrusion detection. All with the highest level of security. This guarantees safety and save costs.

We have a broad knowledge of security needs of the government because many of our customers are active in this market segment. However, the projects we have done for this are often extremely confidential and that is why we can only publish a few of these references on our website. Below you will find some government projects in which we were involved and you can find more information about our solutions.

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Driven by knowledge, creativity and innovation, TKH Security always has a solution that fits your requirements. For this market segment we offer you these solutions.


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