Telecom, Data & Energy

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security management, video surveillance, parking facility management, parking guidance and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. Discover the extensive technological solutions for telecom, data and energy.

Telecom, Data & Energy

We can not imagine a world without telecommunication, data and energy. What would we do without electricity, (mobile) phones and internet? That is why it is of great importance that our vital infrastructures are safely secured and are regularly monitored. Especially at vulnerable locations such as unmanned sites, data centers and power stations. Proper security and monitoring reduce the risk of malfunctions, vandalism or (cyber) theft, which results in savings of maintenance costs.

TKH Security offers the telecom, data and energy market segments several technological security solutions that address challenges, such as:
  • Giving (temporary) access to employees and/or contractors for unmanned sites such as data centers and power stations
  • Monitoring of unmanned sites in terms of intrusion, temperature, humidity, smoke development and leakage
  • Being able to respond in time to malfunctions or intrusion
  • Registration of employees and contractors.
You have your entire security and monitoring under control with just one dashboard by using integrated video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. Regardless of the number of locations, we have a suitable solution for you.

We have a wide range of customers for whom we have met technological security needs for the telecom, data and energy market segments and therefore we know how to support you with this. You can find more information about our solutions and the various (inter)national projects in the telecom, data and energy market segments in which we were involved, below.

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