‘New Open API for VDG Sense will prove to be a game-changer’

News - July 17, 2018

VDG Security has been in the vanguard of video management systems since it was established in 1996. From 2008 the company is part of TKH Security Group VDG’s unique R & D approach with the VDG Sense product range has resulted in a shortly to be introduced Open API which guarantees universal software interconnectivity. Headquartered close to The Hague in the Netherlands, with its 30 staff VDG manages to substantially impact the markets. An interview with Marcel van Kersbergen, VDG’s European sales manager.

What precisely is the job VDG hired Marcel van Kersbergen for? “We have a separate sales manager for the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), so the ‘European’ in my job title is exclusive of those countries. Within continental Europe, VDG has market positions in Austria, France, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. I am responsible for managing – and, where possible, strengthening –  relations with existing clients as well as initiate relations with new connections in other potential markets such as Scandinavia.”

New: ultra-connected Open API

Talking about future developments in VDG’s markets – marine, oil and gas; retail; healthcare; building security; infrastructure – Van Kersbergen says VDG does not seek added value by specializing in one or more of these verticals.

On the contrary, VDG is currently developing its own Open API (Application Programme Interface). An API allows one piece of software to interact with another piece of software. This can be a single computer or a computer network.

Van Kersbergen: “We are convinced this is a game-changer for the entire video management system industry. It is based on worldwide standards, and able to communicate with all existing third-party software. Our integration partners and distributors have already been informed. After the summer, we will present our Open API and provide full and detailed information to everybody involved and/or interested.”

VDG: compact, so responsive

In his own day-to-day work as a sales manager, Van Kersbergen considers being the liaison between commerce and technology very important. Explaining VDG’s unique selling points, he says “our possible weak points are actually our strong points. Being a small enterprise, we have short lines of communication. With us, clients are much closer to R & D than elsewhere. If feasible, we are quicker to examine if a certain modification desired by a client fits our development road map as a whole. A multinational is likely to think ‘it is all very well that you want this, but who are you and how much money are we talking about anyway?’.”

Another USP he mentions is having value-added distributors. “They can explain our competitive advantages in an excellent way.” To maintain and expand the sales network, Van Kersbergen makes quarterly visits to all existing distributors. Geographically, once Scandinavia has been addes to VDG’s network, he would like to further expand into Eastern Europe.

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