Parking Facility Management

Access control, video surveillance and a complete parking guidance system. Easy to manage with just one dashboard.

Parking Facility Management

Besides safety, visitors of parking facilities find the customer experience increasingly important. Nowadays customers expect to drive in and out quickly, find a parking space easily and pay easily. To meet these requirements TKH Security has developed a parking management and parking guidance solution. This solution will generate a higher turnover, by receiving more customers and returning satisfied customers in one day.

Most important features
  • Access control
  • Authorization by car or person
  • License plate recognition
  • Intercom
  • Call routing and pushing
  • Case history with audio recording
  • Video surveillance
  • Parking guidance
  • Centralization of services in a control room
  • Standardization of processes and workflows
  • Analysis, alerts and predictions
  • One clear, easy to customize, dashboard with live images

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In the traditional parking segment, parking operators often have to deal with various parking facilities, systems, processes, workflows, events, analysing tools, etc. With the parking management and parking guidance solution, all systems are integrated and you can monitor and manage everything with just one dashboard.

Our parking management and parking guidance solution is developed in house with extensive experience and creativity and it meets the needs of the various market segments or we develop tailor made for you. With this solution you create an optimal flow within your parking facilities, ensure satisfied returning customers and you have everything under control remotely. This increases your turnover and reduces costs.

Drive your parking operations to success with TKH Security.

Market Segments

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security, video, parking facility, parking guidance and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. For every specific market segment we work towards a perfect fit with our technological solutions.