Parking Guidance

Intelligent parking solutions far beyond guidance with extraordinary vision.

Parking Guidance

For years, parking guidance systems were expected to do just one thing: the tracking of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance. Since the introduction of TKH Security’s camera based smart-sensing systems, those expectations have changed dramatically. Empowered by its revolutionary data-driven software platform, the camera based smart-sensing parking guidance systems have the core business intelligence to deliver new revenue opportunities. Operational efficiencies to streamline costs. Extended levels of monitoring and security. Along with an unparalleled end-to-end parker experience.

Combining smart-technology, intelligent software, communication, traffic monitoring, and signage solutions, our parking guidance systems help motorists easily locate available parking spaces, while enabling operators to gain back valuable control of their parking facility.

Most important features
  • Increase Facility Control
  • Maximize Operational Efficiency
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Drive New Revenue Opportunities
  • Improved Security & Surveillance
  • Unparalleled Customer Experience

Our focus on embedded business intelligence has not only produced a revolutionary approach to parking guidance technology. Our multifaceted smart-sensing systems provide a new level of game-changing capabilities. Our camera-based Parking Guidance Systems put processing intelligence right at the parking-space level. Our Parking Guidance installations are maximizing revenue, efficiency, and profitability for companies in diverse industries worldwide. As our portfolio of successes continues to grow.

To learn more about our Parking Guidance Brands you can navigate to our designated website for the Park Assist & ParkEyes parking guidance solutions.

Market Segments

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security, video, parking facility and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. For every specific market segment we work towards a perfect fit with our technological solutions.