Intelligent parking solutions far beyond guidance with extraordinary vision.


ParkEyes is the leading camera based parking guidance system with revolutionary security features, efficient guidance, parking spaces individual control and Locate your Car, which guarantee a fast ROI.

ParkEyes controls the security of over 2 million cars every day.

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The world’s only camera-based PGS that allows to visualize all the cameras at the same time, in real or recorded time.
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  • 100% of ParkEyes cameras capture video continuously
  • 24/7 video-recording of each parking space
  • Best image quality of the sector
  • Camera unit with strong security impact


ParkEyes offers the best aesthetic for your parking with careful and creative design of camera units and panels.
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  • Standalone camera units with RGB Led indicator
  • Indoor and outdoor RGB displays
  • Variable message displays alternately indicate the number of available spaces in different directions
  • ParkEyes Displays show special symbols: handicap / elderly / pregnant / family / electric vehicle charge / big parking spaces

Total Parking Control

Thanks to License Plate Recognition, ParkEyes allows the individual control of each parking space by definition of rules, infractions control, reservations, etc.
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  • Mark out different parking zones. Several RGB Led colors available
  • Set and control different fares and rules for each parking space
  • White / Black and other lists control
  • Booking of parking spaces

Locate Your Car

The system indicates the exact place in which your car is parked by using the number plate or the parking ticket.

  • See your real car in real time
  • See the way to your car
  • 3D maps for easier orientation
  • Locate your car by ParkEyes Mobile APP

Powerful Reports

Countless reports that allows to know and analyze everything that takes place in your parking for better decision making.
  • Analyze occupancy, parking usage, TopN vehicles, data comparison occupation, etc
  • Web based reporting tool
  • Excel exportation
  • 3rd party integration

ParkEyes Products

ParkEyes has native integration with its own License Plate Recognition, Under Vehicle Inspection and Lighting systems.

  • Inspector: Under Vehicle Inspection System
  • Lighting: Dimmig Intelligent Lighting

Other Integrations

ParkEyes is integrated with:

  • Main parking management systems of the market
  • Outdoor guidance systems
  • 3rd party lighting system
  • Parking operator software