Parking Guidance

Intelligent parking solutions far beyond guidance with extraordinary vision.


The PE3 provides high-level security, seamless guidance, and individual parking space control. Leveraging our smart management system, the PE3’s bright LED indicator can be configured to display several different colors to indicate occupancy status and parking space type. (i.e. regular, premium, handicapped, etc.) Utilizing industry-leading technology, this latest innovation combines the advantages of traditional parking guidance with valuable analytics and sitewide surveillance.

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Parking technology built for state-of-the-art guidance and surveillance.
When it comes to elevating the customer experience (CX), generating repeat business and customer loyalty, and enhancing the overall brand, the PE3 PGS provides a distinct difference in terms of system performance, benefit/cost, and ROI.

The PE3 system incorporates intelligent sensing throughout the garage. Each individual sensor has the ability to stream video to our proprietary management system, while also sending rich data for our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and occupancy tracking.

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Streamlined layout, simple installation.
PE3 smart-sensors with dual cameras are installed above the driving lane to monitor spaces on each side. Providing cameras with an unobstructed view of the parked vehicles – while offering parkers clear sight lines for easy guidance and navigation.

At a price point competitive with low-tech ultrasonic systems, our PE3 camera-based PGS provides all the advantages of ultrasonic guidance with easier installation, lighter infrastructure, and a sitewide surveillance system — as its camera-based sensors continually gather 24/7 streaming video to enhance the safety and security of the parking facility.

As a result, the PE3 system can provide parking facility owners with the camera-based PGS benefits of CX-enhancing parking guidance — and a sophisticated security system — within a single installation.

Key Features
  • Each unit of 2 cameras and 1 LED controls up to 6 parking spaces, 3 per each side
  • 24/7 video recording
  • Security anti-theft
  • Accident detection
  • LED indicator can be configured to display an array of colors to indicate occupancy status and parking space type. (i.e. regular, premium, handicapped, etc.)