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Advanced security systems for educational institutions get to the heart of security challenges for students, staff, and visitors on campus. At TKH Security, our tailored approach to educational facilities can directly support your industry-specific needs.

Industry Challenges

  • Managing access and authorization levels within administrative, library, and archival areas, as well as sensitive areas, such as server rooms and IT points.
  • Supporting the client with the integration of the university databases with the database of security systems that link with building parking, access control and intercom.
  • Parking Management for staff and students and non-registered drivers such as couriers and service personnel.
  • Increasing Security with a comprehensive system that can manage the balance between the challenges of intrusion, accessibility and communication across campuses. 

Educational Facility Driven Solutions

  • Access Control covers the movement of people with access to different areas, such as administrative rooms, labs, and lecture halls. This is achieved through systems like face recognition and card readers.
  • Security Management System which provides integrated event-related and alarm information originating from connected security systems such as intercom, video management or access control.
  • Parking Management – enables secure access to university car parks for various groups, including disabled individuals, using long-range readers, license plate analysis, and intercom communication.
  • Integration with third systems – elevator systems, fire alarm systems, key-management systems, and environmental condition monitoring systems.

Tailored Solutions for You

Our AC System simplifies access management for educational buildings, catering to employees, students, and visitors with diverse access requirements through: 

  • A two-step verification system using access cards and face analysis to grant building access based on assigned permissions.
  • Automating authorizations in the system within IPROTECT AC by connecting different databases. At the same time providing an easy feature to retrieve sensitive information like names, card numbers, authorizations, and more. 
  • Parking Management which, connected to a university database for bookings and reservations, brings together multiple access possibilities for students, employees, and visitors through license plate recognition, access cards and intercom. 
  • Leveraging IPROTECT AC data, universities can enhance campus life by providing real-time information on parking availability, library usage, and more. 

Security officers play a crucial role in campus security, monitoring systems, protecting against intrusion, overseeing access, and responding to emergencies.  With our system, you can: 

  • Guard against intrusions/burglaries with an integrated alarm system which immediately sends a notification to the control room or security department prompting immediate action.
  • Arm and disarm security zones based on a planned schedule. Information about the alarm is sent to the security services of the university or an external company. The entire system is managed from the level of visualization, keypads, or access control readers. 
  • Install an intercom and radio communication system for reliable information transmission in sensitive university locations (entrances selected rooms, car parks etc) supporting group messaging and audio broadcasting. 
Case Study

About Wroclaw University of Technology

Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a leading research and teaching center in Poland. Its position among technical universities in Europe and the world is growing every year. The development of the university ensures research potential, teaching at the highest level, innovation, and cooperation with the economy.

The Challenge

  • A logical way of managing parking for lecturers, admin, and students using License Plate Recognition.
  • Providing a stable and strategic process for city center communication, to assist with avoidance of traffic congestion.
  • Providing efficient access to the university building and car park through License Plate Recognition (LPR), IPROTECT AC Cards, and COMMEND Intercom.
  • Integrating the university database with Active Directory to provide structured data storage and a streamlined access process for students, employees, and visitors.
  • Security Management System to integrate AC, VDG SENSE VMS, Intercom, and intrusion detection under one central management location along with Interactive Floor Plans.
  • A dedicated portal for students that oversees parking within the facility grounds and access to the building library.

The Outcome

  • Logical parking management through LPR that can define user access groups (Lecturers, Students, Admin) and the number of spaces allocated to each.
  • Interactive Floor Plans integrating several security disciplines into a single platform which includes Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, and Intercom for a full overview of campus security.
  • Implementation of Intercom and AC through cards for 25,000 people linked to campus parking and facilities.
  • Student visitor management through a dedicated portal that allows them to log in and confirm acceptance of parking regulations along with adding license plate information for updated parking access.
  • Integration of two databases from the university and Active Directory in relation to parking management for students, employees, and visitors entering the campus through a combination of LPR and student/employee ID cards.

The Solution

Working alongside the requirements of the Wroclaw University of Technology, we were able to offer tailored solutions for the challenges experienced in educational facilities with our dedicated solutions.

Student Portal

To provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for students, the updated portal features a simplified interface that allows students to enter their LP number and accept parking regulations seamlessly. This new system ensures a faster and more efficient process for students, enabling them to manage their parking needs with ease. With this update, the client can enhance the overall satisfaction of their students while maintaining a high level of security and efficiency.

Multiple databases

To automate the process of creating user profiles in the AC system. With this, the client can automatically create the given name, surname, card number, and authorizations in the system. Two main databases that were linked were the SELS (Electronic School ID System) and Active Directory allowing for seamless data transfer between the systems. By integrating the databases, the client can automatically retrieve critical information such as student and staff records, schedules, and other essential data.

Leveraging AC data for a better way of working

To ensure that universities remain attractive to students, it’s important to utilize AC solutions to enhance campus life. For instance, the iParking website receives the data from IPROTECT to provide students with real-time information about parking availability. Thanks to this data, the university can also provide students with interesting and useful information in their “Strefa Otwartej Nauki” (SON)/Open Science Zone (SON) to show the attractiveness of the library for students, for example, how many people use this facility.

Facility Communication (Intercom)

In situations where a card is forgotten or a different car with a different LPR number is used (VIPs, couriers, borrowed vehicles, etc), Intercom provides a reliable means of communicating with the operator. Through this communication, the operator can authorize access to the facility, preventing any unnecessary delays or disruptions. For the convenience of security employees changing workstations, the Intercom system is also connected to the central phone line.

Manage events and react accordingly

Based on customer requirements, event-driven management procedures were implemented using our SMS where operators are automatically informed by an alarm when an exceptional activity of interest takes place, especially important when monitoring areas where activity should not be taking place at specific times.

Access Control for security-sensitive environments

At the university, 235 readers were installed to offer a fully equipped solution to ensure the highest levels of security for employees, students, and visitors. The advantages of the Access Control system include functionalities such as integration of a student ID card as a proximity access card and flexible expansion of the AC system with additional rooms or buildings. Our solution provides a comprehensive guest service that includes several features. These include the pre-preparation of access cards for conference or training participants (with an office-mode feature), automatic event logging with camera pictures, booking an appropriate number of parking spaces, and monitoring guest movement within the facility.

Icon quote

Leszek Schmidt

Product Manager – C&C Partners

“The main assumption of the project was to extend the functionality of the student ID and the employee card. Thanks to the use of our systems and their integration with the university database, cards, and ID cards can now be used as access cards to various places. Thanks to such a global combination of our solutions, the user can manage not only the university car park but also the entire university from one place. Undoubtedly, the solution used in this project puts Wrocław University of Science and Technology among the most secure universities in Poland.”

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An informed approach to campus management to ensure compliance and enhance security.

Industry Challenges

The sprawl of a college or university campus presents a set of unique challenges for parking managers, further complicated by the composition of a campus: size and distribution, urban or suburban, and proportion of residents to commuters, all 24/7Additionally, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place, like in and between parking spaces.

Education Solutions

The installation of a camera-based Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) is a cost-effective method to keep campus traffic flowing during peak periods, manage compliance among multiple user groups, address the unique needs of event management, and bolster security and safety beyond the parameters of a traditional surveillance system. 


Tailored Solutions for You 

Advanced wayfinding signage and bright signaling LEDs on our M5 smart-sensor cameras team up to direct students, faculty, staff, and visitors to open spaces within their designated areas across multiple garages and parking areas. For campuses with large commuter populations, an INX Premium Subscription or our Ops Command+ API package can be used to push real-time parking availability to your website, a wide range of smartphones and tablets, or an app. 

With the Park Finder software module — available with an INX Standard Subscription — our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology assist returning parkers with locating vehicles as they prepare to exit the parking facility. By entering at least three numbers or letters from their license plate into a touchscreen kiosk or smartphone app, parkers and staff can pinpoint  exact vehicle location. This Find My Car functionality can be extended to incorporate campus maps for directions to specific buildings. 

The business intelligence built into the core INX system enables campus operations staff to keep an eye on parking patterns and policy compliance across multiple parking assets. An INX Standard Subscription utilizing our Park Alerts software module leverages our LPR technology to fully automate both monitoring and enforcement. Vehicle-specific citations can be issued online, eliminating the labor and equipment cost of present drive-by methods. 

In today’s world, the more eyes you can have on your facility, the better. The fact is, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place, like in and between parking spaces.

With a standard Park Assist Solution installation, camera-based M5 smartsensors are already identifying vehicles and monitoring occupancy in every parking space. This enables the core INX system to maintain a complete inventory of parked vehicles for security purposes. Through our Park View Surveillance add-on software module, our M5 APGS can also capture streaming surveillance HD video whenever motion is detected in or around a space or continuously, if desired. This provides an expanded level of security, campus crime deterrence, and additional protection against liability that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. 

Case Study

About UT Dallas

Read this case study to learn how UT Dallas benefited from an automated parking guidance system (APGS)

During the planning stages for a new set of 3 parking garages, which added over 2,700 new spaces, the university elected to explore technological options to create an easier, more enjoyable and more efficient parking experience – for students, faculty, staff and guests alike.

The Challenge

  • Augmenting the functionality of traditional signage for a better way to regulate and streamline parking across its campus.
  • Inefficient usage of overall parking capacity.
  • Making it easier for parkers to take advantage of the university’s strategic multilevel color-coded system, and to find appropriate parking spaces.
  • Further enhancing the perceived value of parking permits in a tangible/visual way, to increase adoption of permits.
  • The ability to gather actionable data for usage trends analysis, better management of parking assets, and forecasting of future needs.

The Outcome

  • An enhanced experience with reduced time-to-park thanks to color-coded M4 sensor LEDs that now signal parkers clearly and quickly to the bays they’re permitted to occupy. 
  • Increased permit usage – By improving the parking process and making it easier for people to find available spots in their designated areas, the perceived value of having a parking permit has increased. 
  • The ability to flex and forecast parking needs – Leveraging the data-driven analytics of the core M4 system – for example, usage trends according to time of day, day of the week, location, etc. UT Dallas operators are now able to fine-tune the number of bays assigned to various user groups and areas to maximize efficiency. 
  • Adding to the UT Dallas sustainability story – By reducing time-to-park, the M4 system has reduced overall carbon emissions on campus. This ties into the University’s wider sustainable transportation initiative. 

The Solution

Following extensive research, the client chose our data-driven Park Assist M4 system that was able to offer:

M4 smart-sensor LEDs

To display a broad spectrum of colors. M4s in regions for defined user groups have been programmed to match the university’s pre-existing color-coding system – quickly guiding permit holders to unoccupied bays in their designated parking areas. 

LPR technology at entry points

And in the camera-based smart sensors, enabling the system to ensure parkers are occupying appropriate spaces. Non-compliant parkers can also be easily identified, informed, and cited if non-compliance persists.

Core business intelligence

The M4 system has sensors that gather information, including data, images, and video. It analyzes this information and reports on important trends and metrics. This helps UT Dallas to better manage their parking areas, reduce parking time, and improve the overall parking experience for different groups of users. As a result, the M4 system has also helped to improve traffic flow in and around the campus.

Icon quote

Cris Aquino

Director Of Parking & Transportation

“The ability to change parking spotlight colors to match our parking permit needs was very important to us.”

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