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Explore how our security systems cater to the unique needs of government buildings, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

At TKH Security, we deeply understand the values we can offer each industry. With extensive knowledge of the heightened security measures required in government buildings, our comprehensive solutions cover real-time monitoring, top-grade cybersecurity considerations along with country specific regulatory compliance and much more!

Industry Challenges

  • Obtaining Users: From the central government, connecting to an umbrella card management system based on a multifunctional smart card specific to the country (such as the Rijkspas in the Netherlands).
  • Issuing Cards: Government-specific access cards with special government programming.
  • Government-Specific Settings: The need for an encryption key that is not shared with suppliers. It is necessary to work with a SAM (Secure Access Module) in the access controller which provides a secured location to store the special government pass configuration.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance: In government buildings, highly resistant cameras provide end-to-end security and capture event-driven video images, which are promptly presented on operator desks and video walls.
  • Crowd Management: With intelligent video surveillance, crowd situations can be detected in real-time. When a crowd arises, the operator is immediately notified and can take necessary action. This may involve deploying a host to assist people in navigating the building or dispatching a security guard for security purposes.
Explore how our solutions tackle government security challenges, from smart card management to intelligent video surveillance and crowd management.

Government Building Controlled Solutions

  • Card management: Depending on the country, integration with a card management system is available. For the Dutch Government, IPROTECT AC offers seamless integration with the Rijkspas card management system.
  • SAM Solution: To maintain the secrecy of the central government security key, the SAM (Secure Access Module) is used. With this module an additional level of security has been added within the AC system by providing secured storage for the security key.
  • Anti-Vandalism Equipment: TKH Security supplies various vandal-resistant equipment, including readers and cameras, for public spaces.
  • Privacy: To comply with GDPR legislation, our systems are designed according to the ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Privacy by Default’ principles. This means that with the default settings, only necessary personal data is displayed to an operator. If it is necessary to show more personal data, this needs to be specially configured in the system.
Explore our comprehensive solutions for card management, SAM security, anti-vandalism measures, GDPR compliance, and cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity: Our security systems are designed to comply with the IEC 62443 standard for Cybersecurity. All communication between servers, clients and edge devices is ‘end-to-end’ encrypted. Only authorized devices with the high security key can communicate with each other and data is encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, personal data and video images are stored in encrypted databases and can only be accessed by authorized personnel/devices.

Customized Solutions for Your Market

Government buildings require around-the-clock operations to monitor visitor movement and access, as well as real-time security information. You can benefit from: 

  • Multi-Locations: Efficiently manage your facilities and oversee multiple locations from a single control center by combining information from multiple systems. 
  • An integrated system supporting all combinations of electric door and security locks with customized menus tailored to your system needs. 
  • Priority-based alarm handling, including interactive floor plans for event-driven information. 
  • Efficient Visitor Management: Streamlined access through license plate recognition and mobile access eliminates physical card handling, optimizing processes and saving time for system administrators.
  • Reporting and information management for close monitoring of daily activities and movement/access tracking. 

Government buildings are considered high-risk facilities, necessitating prevention and detection of emergencies, especially unauthorized access. This can be achieved through:  

  • Comprehensive Security Management System: With our SMS, you can integrate video management, intrusion, and intercom systems. Full integration of these systems allows for event-driven information that can be acted upon. 
  • Video Management System: With object classification capabilities, real-time monitoring and crowd management are possible. Alerts can be set when a specific number of people gather, indicating potential crowding. Additional alerts can be set as the crowd size increases, ensuring prompt action for access control procedures around the building. 
Case Study

About Gemeente Amstelveen

Amstelveen town hall provides a hub of essential government services for residents in the northern Netherlands province.

Located in the northern province of the Netherlands, Amstelveen town hall provides a wide range of important services to the residents of the town.

The Challenge

Working alongside Amstelveen, TKH Security were tasked with the implementation of a set of solutions needed to cover challenges that centered around:

  • Security of those providing services to the public.
  • Event-driven management – Through combining our Video Management and Access Control system for an increased level of facility security.
  • A web-based interface allowing security managers to change settings from any location.
TKH Security collaborates with Amstelveen to implement solutions for service provider security, event-driven management, and remote access.

The Outcome

  • Multi-location (Amstelveen and Aalsmeer) joined as one SMS and control room resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency. By centralizing resources and personnel, they can better coordinate operations and achieve greater flexibility in scheduling, ultimately enhancing productivity.
  • Implementation of our VDG SENSE VMS leveraging functionalities such as event-driven management. With our system, events trigger notifications that can be seen along with the cause of detection.
  • Manageable alarm procedures within IPROTECT AC that include security, technical, and general alarms. Following alarm activation, operators now have a good situational overview thanks to floorplans and know exactly which actions must be performed to reset the alarm.
  • Multi-credentials enabling employee access using cards and license plate recognition. Multi-purpose (Mifare DESfire EV2) card for employees that enables the use of different facilities around the building such as follow printing, desk reservation, locker management (opening boxes), and vehicle management platform (opening gates for cars).
TKH Security enhances multi-location control rooms with streamlined government operations, event-driven management, and comprehensive alarm procedures.

The Solution

Working alongside the client and taking into consideration their specific security challenges, we were able to comply with these requirements through:

Providing an efficient and comprehensive overview of the security status on each floor using interactive floor plans combining alarms from AC and VMS. This functionality enables operators to get information on any events in the building and act accordingly. Particularly important when dealing with situations surrounding members of the public.

Alarm distribution gives the town hall of Amstelveen the option of implementing different types of alarm procedures. This feature notifies building operators of the type of alarm, such as security, technical, and general alarms, that will prompt the correct course of action based on the issue.

A central control room that can oversee burglar alarm and camera preferences. When an alarm is activated, a description prompt is given for a situational overview. Operators are therefore provided with the exact action(s) that must be performed before the alarm can be reset.

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Streamlining traffic flow in real-time while improving the parking experience

Our ability to provide a cohesive cloud-based solution for citywide guidance is a major advantage for any sizable metropolis. Built on our revolutionary INX data-driven platform, each tailored automated parking guidance system (APGS) installation is a robust and flexible parking management solution that aggregates real-time occupancy data from a variety of disparate systems and sources.

Industry Challenges

A typical city has numerous parking garages and surface lots spread out across its jurisdiction. Urban sprawl and diverse systems, across this network of facilities, makes the communication of real-time parking availability a distinct challenge. No one looks forward to the process of finding a parking space when they’re in a hurry.

Government Solutions

Using the aggregated data, INX simultaneously broadcasts citywide parking availability through a variety of real-time information touchpoints. These can include digital signage on highways, roads, and parking garage entrances throughout a city. This information can also be communicated via a city’s official website or through a mobile app using our open application programming interface (API).

Tailored Solutions for You

When municipal parking garages are underutilized, it results in overtaxed street parking and extra traffic congestion. It can also lead to premature expansion/construction to compensate for the parking system’s overall inefficiency. With our solution-oriented approach, we can craft a customized fit-for-purpose APGS by synthesizing multiple types of technologies into a single, unified platform.

Our cloud-based INX platform can be synchronized with existing PARCS equipment to pull parking counts from individual sites. The aggregated real-time data from these multiple M5 based systems is processed via a central server, then transmitted to the city’s website, digital signage, and mobile apps.

Available with a Premium Subscription, our Business Development+ API package is designed to further boost revenue and profitability through tiered and frictionless parking, reserved and permit parking — along with fine-detail data and insights you can use to heighten the customer experience and brand loyalty.

Case Study

About City of Seattle e-Park, Washington

Data aggregation from disparate systems

Like most major cities, Seattle has a mix of municipal and privately-owned parking facilities spread out across its jurisdiction. The city needed a way to aggregate real-time occupancy and pricing data from these disparate systems. The goal: to maximize usage and revenue in city-owned garages, while leveraging private-lot capacity to further alleviate overtaxed street parking and traffic congestion.

“Our original need was to mitigate congestion caused by our DOT’s highway widening program. The ePark solution crafted by Park Assist is a customized and scalable platform. So we’re continuing to expand ePark to encompass more spaces and neighborhoods.”

Real-time information

The ePark solution also broadcasts real-time information through an ever-evolving array of touchpoints, including digital signage on highways, roads, and entrances; a live information portal on the city’s website; and an open API that can empower readily available mobile apps.

“ePark is an exceptional fit for our complex demands. The technology has boosted the convenience and reliability of parking across Seattle – with a significant positive impact on the customer experience. While Park Assist continues to deliver exceptional customer support.”

Icon quote

Michael Solheim

e-Project Manager CITY OF SEATTLE

“Our citywide guidance system, developed and installed by Park Assist, has revolutionized the ease and efficiency of parking in Seattle. They’ve been a great partner for our city, and continue to be. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Park Assist to others as well.”

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