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Using our insights in the healthcare sector, we skilfully enhance the security of medical facilities. Understanding the challenges of large sites with many entrances and exits, where patient, visitor and employee safety is of the highest concern, we tailor our solutions and put the tools in place to provide vital services.

Industry Challenges

  • Balancing hospital and public building security requirements in a vital environment, covering medical/open active areas which require 24/7 operation.
  • Access control: The need for an Access Control system capable of meeting the diverse access needs within a hospital, encompassing open areas and restricted zones, including labs and medical equipment storage.


  • Requirement for maintaining controlled pressure environments during medical procedures like quarantine protocols.
  • Support for staff: To effectively manage operations during periods of reduced staffing, enhancing resource allocation, workflow optimization, and communication support.



  • Enable access to employee facilities/services such as lockers, clothing, medical tools, catering, and parking.
  • Mitigate potential security threats posed by visitors through innovative access control, real-time monitoring, and effective emergency response strategies.

Healthcare Driven Solutions

  • Enhanced Security with Access Control: We implement dynamic access management solutions to cater to both open-access areas and restricted zones like laboratories and medical equipment storage. The system utilizes diverse access levels, accommodating various personnel requirements while ensuring security.
  • Highly Secure Area Management: In critical, round-the-clock operational zones like medical areas, a vigilant security strategy is implemented. Authorized entry deactivates alarms, while a built-in timer activates the alarm if the area remains unoccupied for a specified duration.
  • Pressurized/Clean Rooms Interlock: For controlled environments like pressurized medical rooms, a sophisticated interlock system guarantees the preservation of essential conditions. Doors remain interdependent, ensuring one cannot open unless the other is securely closed.
  • Support for Staff/Visitors: Intercom systems can facilitate smooth communication even in departments with minimal staffing by use of an external integration, connecting to those on shift that may not be available to answer a fixed intercom.
  • Multi-purpose Access Cards: Streamlined access through a single card enhances convenience and traceability, enabling employees to access lockers, clothing, medical instruments, restaurants, and parking areas.
  • Patient Monitoring: Utilizing AI-driven patient monitoring, each patient’s journey can be closely and compassionately tracked. For vulnerable patients, the system detects movements, activities such as dressing, and staff interactions, even from off-duty team members. This approach significantly enhances patient care and facilitates the efficient allocation of limited resources.
  • Heightened Surveillance: Our Video Management System – VDG SENSE, can monitor emergency room (ER) areas, providing event-driven insights to operators. This surveillance enhances situational awareness and security, providing functionalities such as crowd detection algorithms to monitor and manage potential situations, ensuring safety protocols are adhered to.
  • Prioritizing Access: Our solution recognizes specific credentials, prioritizing medical transport, technical staff, and emergency responders. Dedicated elevators ensure swift access to critical areas like the Emergency Room.

Tailored Solutions for You 

  • An application for special medical areas, for example a vault that contains vital equipment but must be monitored in terms of use, 24/7.
  • A multi-use card that provides access to a range of essential functions needed for daily activities such as lockers, clothing, medical instruments, restaurants, and parking areas.
  • Physical Security can be heightened (especially in ER Areas) thanks to a combination of our AC and VMS that can notify operators of event-driven scenarios such as a large crowd approaching, noise levels and more.
  • Integration of smart lock solutions.
  • Different levels of security depending on schedules of (Day/Night) staffing. Particularly important in controlling who can access doors/entrances and specific areas during critical hours of typical disruption.
  • Specialized Secure Rooms: A secure room with interlocking capabilities and aggression detection via intercom is designed to handle extreme security situations. Microphones in these rooms allow operators to listen and respond promptly.
  • Integration of HRM Systems: Assign standard rights to staff facilities/services such as clothing and parking whilst also setting specific rights to restricted areas that need heightened levels of security. Thanks to this integration you also have automatic information on new employees.
  • Alarm types that can be set, for example, technical or intrusion types that indicate what kind of event is taking place for prompt and effective action.
  • Reporting for Access Optimization and monitoring of access rights utilizing daily staff movements to streamline the process/flow within the building to enhance security levels.
  • Nighttime Access Control: With the need for heightened security during nighttime hours at entry points, the system adjusts according to specific conditions, ensuring controlled access when it’s most essential. Particularly crucial during periods of limited staffing.

Case Study

Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

Facility Overview with Video Management

Maintaining control and security within the hospital environment is achieved through our IPROTECT Access Control System, which can operate seamlessly from the reception area of healthcare buildings.

With our VDG SENSE Video Management System, we offer a comprehensive overview of the entire hospital, ensuring enhanced safety for both patients and visitors by displaying video images of movements captured from various locations across multiple screens.

The system is intelligently linked to the network of cameras strategically positioned both inside and around the hospital premises. efficiently detect any movements when necessary.

For enhanced surveillance, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras can detect movements and provide zooming capabilities, enabling a clearer and more detailed view of the monitored areas. This comprehensive approach ensures that both restricted zones and the parking lot are meticulously monitored and effectively managed.

The Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

Comprehensive Communication

In healthcare settings, our advanced intercom systems play a crucial role in facilitating efficient communication across various areas, including reception desks, administrative spaces, and operating rooms.

These offer assistance at entry/exit terminals and parking/payment points, while also activating the appropriate IP camera for real-time video display on monitors. This allows reception desk staff to address visitors personally, provide tailored assistance, and answer questions effectively.

By leveraging these advanced intercom systems, healthcare facilities optimize communication, safety, coordination, and patient outcomes, enhancing the overall experience for visitors and improving the quality of care provided.

In operating rooms, intercom systems enable direct and hands-free communication with individuals outside the room, promoting seamless teamwork and enhancing patient care. Specialized self-sterilizing intercom terminals ensure a hygienic environment, reducing the risk of contamination.

Diakonessen Utrecht

Implementation of access passes

Our solution implements advanced access passes in healthcare institutions using DESFire technology, specifically focusing on the future implementation of the DESFire EV3. This upgrade provides even greater security features and enhanced protection for sensitive data and access control within medical facilities.

By upgrading to DESFire EV3 with production of EV2 coming to an end, the access passes offer a more robust and secure environment for healthcare professionals and patients. The new cards incorporate advanced encryption algorithms, secure authentication protocols, and improved tamper resistance, making them highly resistant to cloning and unauthorized access attempts.

Working in coordination distributor, our implementation process involves replacing the existing MIFARE cards with the new DESFire EV3 cards and readers throughout the hospital. This approach minimizes disruption to daily operations by focusing on upgrading the cards themselves rather than the entire system.

Diakonessen Utrecht

Intelligent Video and Intruder detection

IPROTECT AC allows for the integration of intelligent video and intruder detection, as well as seamless interfacing with other systems. For example, integrating with a personnel information system enables centralized management of employee access, automatically blocking their pass when they leave the organization.

This integration also enables the creation of a comprehensive incident file, combining reports from security officers, employees, and camera images. These options empower organizations to strengthen their security measures and streamline incident reporting processes.

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A reduced stress experience for patients and visitors alike

The process of finding parking at a medical facility can be stressful for anyone. This can be especially true for patients and visitors, who typically have weightier issues on their minds.

Industry Challenges

When hospital garages are underutilized, it results traffic congestion and can lead to premature expansion/construction to compensate for the parking system’s overall inefficiency. Plus, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place, like in and between parking spaces themselves. 

Healthcare Solutions

The installation of a Parking Guidance system is an innovative method to elevate the customer experience, manage the complex ebb-and-flow of multiple user groups, and further differentiate your brand in today’s highly competitive healthcare services environment.

Tailored Solutions for You 

Park Assist’s next-generation guidance features are distinct benefits for patients, outpatients, and visitors – real time wayfinding.

Upon arrival, our advanced wayfinding signage and smart-sensor cameras combine to direct parkers quickly to open spaces. This reduces time-to-park (T2P) by 36% up to 63%*, substantially lowers harmful CO2 emissions throughout the facility, and helps medical offices and clinics avoid the snowball effect of late patient arrivals.

Upon exiting, our Park Finder feature provides a convenient solution for patients and visitors who may be distracted and need assistance finding their vehicles. With our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR), this valuable add-on allows a patient, visitor, or employee to quickly locate any parked vehicle by entering at least three numbers or letters from their license plate via a touchscreen kiosk, an enabled pay station, or an integrated mobile app.

* According to a science-based benchmarking study on time-to-park conducted by Park Assist in collaboration with the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). This groundbreaking before-and-after APGS analysis encompassed two parking facilities with a combined total of 7.903 individually M4-monitored bays.

An ongoing challenge for hospitals is the daily management of parking policies for doctors, nurses, and staff. Our Park Alerts add-on software module uses LPR to automatically monitor who’s parking where in your facility and sends instant alerts when violations occur. This helps ensure various user groups are parking in their assigned areas and enables the core INX system to maintain a complete inventory of parked vehicles for security purposes.

Products & Services

M5, S2, C5 Smart Sensing

Wayfinding Signage

INX Software

M5 Smart Sensor S2 Smart Sensing Solution C5 Smart Counting Solution

M5 Smart Sensor

Intelligence at the parking-space level to maximize revenue and usage per square foot.

The latest innovation in parking guidance, the M5 is a camera-based smart-sensor with an IP-based CMOS digital camera on two sides. Installed above the driving lane evenly at every third parking spot, each M5 detects space availability for parkers and gives operators an unobstructed view of parked vehicles. Monitoring up to six spaces per sensor, including between vehicles, sensor placement significantly enhances security throughout the facility and increases the number of areas visible via streaming HD video for real time monitoring.

  • Simple installation, unprecedented functionality, and elegant design.
    • To provide parkers with quick guidance and stress-free navigation, each sensor has an RGB (LED) indicator, displaying thousands of colors to indicate occupancy status and space type (i.e., regular, premium, accessible, etc.).
    • M5 sensors are poised for future advances via firmware upgrades along with expansion opportunities via a USB expansion port.
    • The attractive housing has a seal rating of IP66, preventing the ingress of water and dirt from the advanced electronics.
  • 99%+ accuracy verified through precise global monitoring.
    • M5 sensors exhibit a 99%+ accuracy rate. Using our sophisticated software algorithms, accuracy is regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance.
  • Built-in fault tolerances to ensure system integrity and reliability.
    • The continual dialogue between the intelligent M5 smart-sensors and the core system ensures overall reliability. The core server, INX, constantly monitors the daisy-chained installation, sending notifications for any compromised sensor.
  • Intuitive software to discover real time business insights.
    • Using your parking facility’s live data, our cloud-based INX software platform is used for day-to-day analytics to gain insights for decision making, forecasting activity, and much more.
    • Our PGS integrates seamlessly with your existing software. Additionally, it provides a secure connection to a limitless set of third-party parking-related solutions.

S2 Smart Sensing Solution

Providing sitewide guidance and advanced security.

The S2 camera based smart solution allows. you to incorporate rooftops and surface lots into your parking guidance system. Instead of digging up asphalt, the S2 solution uses CCTV cameras to monitor multiple bays. Similar to mounting cameras for a typical surveillance system, the high-perched cameras take an omniscient view to monitor multiple bays, collecting video and rich data that drives the core intelligence of the system.

The S2 solution effortlessly integrates with M5, C5, and INX providing your team with a more holistic approach to streamlining operations, maximizing efficiency and improving the experience for your customers and visitors.

C5 Smart Counting Solution

Accurately detect bidirectional traffic.

The C5 camera-based counting solution detects vehicles entering and leaving specific areas of a parking garage. It employs a proprietary advanced AI algorithm to count the vehicles accurately and transmits the data to display counts on signs and in the INX platform. The C5 solution uses a single fisheye camera mounted discreetly overhead to monitor two adjacent lanes, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for parking garages, surface lots, and other high-traffic areas.

The C5 smart counting solution can accurately detect vehicles traveling in either one or two lanes including vehicles driving down the center and bumper-to-bumper traffic without the need for delineators. Using our sophisticated software algorithms, the 96%+ accuracy rate is regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance.

Combined with the M5 and S2 solutions, a complete APGS provides a wealth of data to advance your operations, inform decision making, and elevate your customer’s experience.


Next-generation guidance at every key decision point

Through the unique synergy of our camera-based smart-sensor system and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of guidance and convenience from the moment they arrive, plus follow-up guidance at every key decision point.

  • Signs upon arrival. For properties with multiple parking areas, a multi-facility sign announces the number of available spaces at each garage or lot. Continually updated, parkers can determine the best facility to park in at any given moment.


  • Secondary signage within a chosen garage. Once a parker has decided to park in a specific garage, a dedicated monument sign displays the number of available spaces on each level.


  • Directional interior in-aisle pointers. Once a parker has committed to searching for a space on a particular level, these guidance signs enable a parker to make on-the-spot decisions (left, right, or straight) based on the number of available spaces.


Dynamic and customizable for real-time content updates

Utilizing LCD-NAV signs, you can easily engage and attract greater attention from customers by providing up-to-the-minute content updates at all entry and exit points. Whether it’s providing guidance to potential parkers, alerting your customers of garage maintenance, or onscreen branding/promotional initiatives, the LCD-NAV enhances parking guidance, increases garage efficiency, and taps into additional revenue opportunities by communicating critical information more effectively.

An all-in-one plug-and-play solution, the LCD-NAV features a weatherized commercial-grade 49” or 55” outdoor LCD display. With a full HD1080p resolution, this solution is ideal for outdoor use, with a bright and crisp display, even in direct sunlight. Using our content management system, operators can change colors, add a company logo, and display dark or light themes, all effortlessly deployed at the touch of a button. The web-based content management system enables the unit to be configured and monitored remotely.


Versatile, full-matrix LED displays for unprecedented design freedom

Parking facility operators have free rein to create and broadcast an expansive set of digital messages in millions of colors, including detailed 24-bit RGB custom graphics. Continuously adjustable, enhanced brightness pixels can be tightly aligned with brand and architecture palettes.

VMS signs are engineered to use Ethernet protocols with ethernet connectivity, greatly simplifying installation and operations while reducing related costs. Signs are sized for ready insertion into a wide variety of new signage and into existing signage, depending on the individual system scenario.


Digi-NAV signs are LED signs specifically designed for driver wayfinding.

With adjustable brightness, this product family includes a range of signs which can display counts, arrows, and recognizable parking symbols. All numbers and arrows are purpose designed, ensuring the signs can be clearly seen and easily recognized by drivers. Additionally, Digi-NAV signs are UL and CE certified, and have an IP54 rating. 

Standard Software Optional Software

Unleashing the true power of camera-based APGS

Since the day we invented camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, we’ve been on a continual quest to elevate its capabilities to new levels. Developed by our data scientists in response to what our clients wanted most, our standard and optional software is a game-changer in the APGS space.

Standard Software

Our revolutionary INX ecosystem

INX enables owners and operators to achieve even greater operational efficiencies, further elevating the customer experience, and driving new revenue opportunities, which positions them to access exciting new functionalities in real time such as reservations, premium parking, and customer loyalty programs.

Our highly intuitive INX dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of your operation to deliver robust, actionable data. Multiple data points are readily available, both real-time and historical, including:

Occupancy, dwell, turnover, and identification of unique visitor behavior

  • Live data from activity heatmaps, wayfinding signage, and specific facility regions.
  • Isolated activity of individual vehicles, including duration and frequency of visits.
  • Real-time site and environmental conditions that can affect parking volume: i.e., current/forecasted weather, traffic status in surrounding areas.
  • Trend analysis, including the ability to compare live trends with historical performance.
  • Additional comparative analyses.


API packages – Designed for your unique needs

Our API packages enable you to tap into a virtually limitless set of third-party solutions and secure access to the vast industry-leading dataset of our proprietary camera-based APGS, extending the data mining capabilities of our software platform. With our API packages, users can collaborate their APGS with an ever-evolving array of complementary functionalities. Plus, when your facility is ready for the next step, our APGS is primed for integration with the frictionless parking solution you choose, without interruptions.

Optional Software

Strategic API integrations engineered to drive the future

  • Ops Command+ package
    Empowers functionalities that heighten operational efficiencies and control to enable:

    • Building systems management
    • Digital signage control
    • Alerts and notifications: i.e., compliance/rules enforcement and VIP notifications
    • Website integration
    • Additional ops functionalities


  • CX+ package
    Designed for elevating the customer experience in a myriad of ways to enable:

    • Advanced mobile apps customizable to suit your brand and needs
    • Palm-of-the-hand and vehicle-connected wayfinding
    • The ability for drivers to check availability before leaving – receive personalized navigation to open bays – and locate their vehicles upon exit
    • Find Your Car integration with PARCS through our Park Finder add-on software module
    • Empowers additional customer experience functionalities such as valet parking


  • Business Development+ package
    Capabilities that further boost revenue and profitability to enable:

    • Tiered and frictionless parking
    • Reserved and permit parking
    • Fine-detail data and insights on parker behaviors and preferences


Park Surveillance – A unique vantage point

With the addition of our Park Surveillance software extension, the smart sensors capture HD streaming video whenever motion is detected, continuously, in between, or around a space. It’s an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, giving parkers peace of mind of know their vehicle is being monitored during their entire stay.

The streaming video and transactional time data captured by the M5 cameras can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a powerful combination of evidence for scenarios where theft or assault has occurred, the ability to help protect owners and management against fraudulent claims of theft and vandalism, and potentially deter the intrusion of unwelcome visitors. Since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities if needed.

Park Finder™ – Our advanced-tech vehicle locator

In a big parking garage, at best, the parker is anxious. At worst, the parker becomes anguished at the thought their vehicle may have been stolen. Gone are the days of lost cars, with our Park Finder system, parkers can easily find their car.

With the Find Your Car locator feature in Park Finder, a parker simply enters at least three numbers or letters from their license plate into the app, a kiosk, or at a Park Finder enabled pay station for a PARCS or other revenue management system. In seconds, the core INX system searches the database of currently parked vehicles and identifies the parker’s car through the APGS’s integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR). The parker is provided with an exact location and step-by-step walking directions.

Park Alerts – Automatic recognition of important people or policy enforcement

Our Park Alerts software module taps into the APGS’s integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and enables you to set automated rules and alerts that bring important events to your attention including:

  • The arrival of a VIP.
  • When a known, unwanted visitor pulls into one of your parking spaces.
  • If employees and staff members are parking in restricted/premium spaces they should not be occupying.
  • If a vehicle has overstayed in a limited-time space – such as a reserved space, a takeout space at a restaurant, or a time-restricted space in an urban setting.
  • If a commuter is parking in your garage, instead of in the designated transit station.

Case Study

About King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre

The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, located in Riyadh, is one of the largest hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre installed the Park Assist M3 System in all three of its multi-level car parks. Since Park Assist was installed, the hospital saw a visible increase in utilization of the upper levels in the car parks.

Why They Purchased

Initially, the hospital was only looking at ultrasonic but became increasingly interested in the innovative technology and diversity of the Park Assist M3 System. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre ultimately chose the Park Assist M3 System over ultrasonic due to its technology capabilities, ability to manage complex multiple user groups and to elevate the customer experience. Furthermore, our system allowed the hospital to provide the most efficient and hassle-free parking experience for its patients and visitors. 

Our integrated technology, leveraging License Plate Recognition (LPR), includes the Park Finder feature. This assists distracted patients and visitors in quickly locating their vehicles upon exit. By entering just three characters of their license plate at a touchscreen kiosk, parkers can easily find their cars, thanks to this valuable software extension. 

The process of finding a parking space in a large facility can be stressful for anyone. This is especially true for a hospital’s patients and visitors: who typically have bigger priorities. Park Finder, Find Your Car™, the virtual parking valet, is one of many unique features that eliminates the stress of parking and provides a world-class experience by allowing users to search for the location of their vehicle. 

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