Video surveillance solutions for any kind of parking need. Ensuring public safety and protection of valuable assets and goods.

The parking market knows many variables and that’s exactly where VDG Sense comes in place. From relatively small sized secured parkhouses at hotels or companies right up to huge public parking lots at airports, exhibition centers and shopping malls. Although they differ in size and character, they share a lot of common goals: make it comfortable, safe and attractive for the user, yet at the same time make it efficient, manageable and reliable for the owner.

VDG Sense offers the flexibility to achieve all these goals. Available features, such as license plate recognition and color detection of cars and interface options to connect with park management systems make our video management solution a perfect fit for any parking system, big or small.

Parking video management


An important part of building video security is invested in parking. Whether it's a private parking area or a public parking garage, any kind of video surveillance needed can be provided by VDG. Our video management software has integrated video content analysis, which includes CarR license plate recognition and third party integrations. VDG Sense can detect which cars are allowed and which are not and can automatically signal security if an unauthorized car enters a secured area.

Among the various security applications, VDG Sense can also be used to count the amount of cars passing through, signalling which amount of parking spaces are full or vacant. And with the various third party integrations, such as Commend Intercom, a total parking security solution is available as part of the complete building security.

Special integration: Park Assist

Park Assist® offers a smart-sensor system for parking guidance keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across your parking facility. The smart-sensor cameras and combined with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and intelligent software are designed to monitor the entire parking facility.

With an integration of Park Assist in VDG Sense, a full parking solution can be offered, including intelligent security throughout the whole parking facility.

Special feature: license plate recognition

For license plate recognition, VDG Sense offers CarR, a highly intelligent feature developed to scan for license plates in a live video stream. Example applications of CarR could be:

  • to classify the license plate to the country of origin;
  • compare the found license plate to black or white lists;
  • Count vehicles to detect when a parking lot is full;
  • Detect vehicles returning within a pre-defined period;