Important telecom infrastructure comes together in street cabinets and Points of Presence (PoPs). These unmanned technical sites are a vulnerable part of the network, where faults and incidents have a major impact. To prevent this, they should be monitored continuously. TKH Security has developed a state-of-the-art Asset & Site Management Solution: iProtect Site.

iProtect Site provides permanent security and keeps you informed in real time. A large number of both active and passive sites can be overseen in a single clear platform. Our smart technology combines access control and monitoring of important environment variables, such as temperature, humidity, shock and tilt. This prevents faults and calamities and makes you able to take immediate interventions from the control room.


Who was last person to undertake maintenance at which PoP? By using access control, you gain an insight into access by all your employees and contractors, and access can be granted remotely. This can also be used temporarily and apply to a specific area. Unauthorized entry of areas is prevented by using Intrusion Detection, which includes a motion sensor and VDG Sense Video Surveillance, which is linked to the emergency control room.

Service life
The Asset & Site Management Solution extends the service life of your unmanned systems. By undertaking regular maintenance in good time and identifying calamities quickly, the risk of faults and failures is minimized. This results in considerable savings on operational costs.

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