19 November 2020

Siqura becomes part of TKH Security

From January 1st, 2021 onwards, all Siqura activities will continue under the banner of TKH Security. These leading companies in video security solutions were both already […]
17 November 2020

New software release 2.6.6 for VDG Sense Video Management

TKH Security has updated the software for its VDG Sense Video Management System. The new release 2.6.6 offers two exciting new features and further improvements of existing functionalities. It can […]
30 April 2020

TKH Security introduces a camera that can help detect raised temperatures

TKH Fusion is a raised temperature detection kit which can measure from a distance if a person has a higher than normal body temperature. TKH Fusion […]
20 April 2020

ApolloN, the next generation of Apollo Controllers

For years, the Apollo controller has been the driving force behind the Asset & Site Management solution. In order to be prepared for the future even […]
03 July 2019

New Amsterdam Courthouse (NACH) starts a long term collaboration with TKH Security

The most important reasons to opt for TKH Security are the seamless integration of our proprietary systems, our experience with comparable high-end security projects and the […]
11 June 2019

Customise a user-interface to manage a mission-critical integrated security system

A challenging environment The Maastricht Courthouse is one of the larger legal institutions in The Netherlands, retaining eighty judges and 265 employees in addition to the […]
11 June 2019

An Access Control system was installed at all locations with simplified key management

The new Haaglanden safety region was established in 2007. Security required for the fire brigade, municipal health services and ambulance services in the region, among other […]
11 June 2019

Various departments had to be supported by a single, fully integrated security system

The various departments had to be supported by a single, fully integrated security system. Because of the building’s various functions, including events, flexible levels of security […]