We like to keep you informed about everything that is going on within our organization related to corporate news, product innovations and projects. Below you can find our most recent product innovations and projects for this market segment.

10 May 2021

New Siqura All-weather Outdoor Wiper Housing for use in dusty and humid environments

The HSG04 all-weather outdoor housing for fixed box cameras offers robust, easy, and secure installation. Its solid, IP66- rated casing protects against water and dust in […]
12 March 2021

Fore! Access Control Software is End of Life

The successful Fore! Access Control System is declared “End of Life” as of January 1, 2021.   Fore! was based on our Polyx network controller that […]
03 March 2021

Gold release 10.00 for iProtect Security Management System

TKH Security is proud to announce its iProtect ‘gold’ release, version 10.00. This offers some exciting new features and further improvements of existing functionalities.   This […]
04 February 2021

New Siqura Fisheye camera, FD360v2, with zero blind-spot monitoring

The FD360v2 12 megapixel IP fisheye camera with built-in IR illumination provides clear images under any lighting condition with zero blind-spot monitoring and is now available […]
26 January 2021

New Software Release for our Reader Manager in iProtect

TKH Security has updated the software for its reader manager in iProtect. The new release, version 5.02.41, offers four exciting new features.   With the new […]
17 November 2020

New software release 2.6.6 for VDG Sense Video Management

TKH Security has updated the software for its VDG Sense Video Management System. The new release 2.6.6 offers two exciting new features and further improvements of existing functionalities. It can […]
17 August 2020

Renewing camera infrastructure is no longer necessary with Siqura hybrid cameras

Renewing your camera infrastructure is no longer necessary with Siqura hybrid cameras The 920 series allows you to migrate to IP on your analog system; a very […]
26 June 2020

New mosaic mask function and safety protocol TACACS+ for security cameras

Siqura has implemented a new feature to the PD9x0 series PTZ, that allows a more natural masked view while keeping the privacy of people in mind. […]
02 June 2020

iProtect inactive card function

The COVID-19 measures have been relaxed, but do we still have access to our business premises? Throughout the Netherlands, businesses are slowly but surely starting up again. […]