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Access Made Easy – Simplified Processes for System Administrators. Access at Hand

Innovations Security Management 20.12.2023

Watch the demonstration below   Giving facility managers the power of access at hand, our platform offers;

โ–ธ Streamlined User Management Procedures – ATLAS was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible โ€“ configured so that user management is carried out directly in Microsoft Entra ID with user groups synchronized with the platform and mix of data.

โ–ธ Setting Up User Groups – ATLAS synchronizes user groups with the companyโ€™s Entra ID. There is no additional manual input needed to have all the employees within ATLAS Access. The admin can decide which user group has which rights.

โ–ธ Linking User Groups to Correct Doors – All locks added to ATLAS can be connected to the right user group in a very simple way. Admins based on the user group choose which door they should have access to.

ATLAS also allows admins to connect locks to already existing rooms in Microsoft Entra ID which are also displayed in
Outlook and provide seamless access to all people invited for a particular meeting.

For more information on how weโ€™re supporting a new era of access management, visit us here.