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Abbott Northwestern Hospital Selects TKH Security to Deliver an Unparalleled Parking Experience

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of the Allina Health network, is building a new transportation hub and adding two additional parking levels to its existing facility, totaling 2,742 parking spaces.

Location – Minneapolis, United States of America


Intending to maximize its parking assets on campus, enhance security, and improve the customer experience, Allina Health has elected to implement our camera-based Automated Parking Guidance (APGS) M4 System. 


Allina Health chose to deploy the M4 single-space APGS. In addition to the smart sensors, the Hospital’s installation will include: 

  • LCD- NAV and VMS-NAV wayfinding signage 
  • Exclusive software modules: Park Surveillance, Park Alerts, and Park Finder. 


TKH Security’s proprietary M4 APGS and digital wayfinding signage offer each patient, visitor, and employee unparalleled guidance from garage entry to exit.

  • The entryway LCD-NAV sign provides advanced, customizable, real-time data as drivers arrive at the facility, immediately directing them to levels that have available parking. 


The in-aisle, VMS-NAV signs display a vast array of continuously updated occupancy data, empowering visitors to make informed on-the-spot decisions.

  • The VMS-NAV offers operators a flexible navigation solution that can broadcast an expansive set of dynamic digital messages beyond simple counts with split-screen, scrolling, and toggling capabilities. 


As wayfinding signage guides drivers on their journey, M4 smart sensors enhance the guidance experience.

  • By indicating which specific spaces are available or occupied using color-coded red (occupied) and green (available) LED lights, helping to remove stress and uncertainty from the parking experience while increasing garage efficiency.  

Park Surveillance

  • Enables the M4 sensors to capture streaming video of any activity in or around parking bays. With unobstructed views of each parking bay and the space between vehicles, this serves as a reliable and proven deterrent of theft and other criminal behaviour.  


Park Alerts

  • Thissoftware extension further enhances garage control, empowering parking management to set automated time and license plate-based rules and alerts. These alerts enable operations staff to enforce policies and remain informed about parking abuse/violations within the garage. 


Find Your Car

  • As patients, visitors, and staff return to the garage, the Find Your Car vehicle locator enables them to quickly and easily pinpoint their car.  
  • By entering all or part of their license plate number into the Park Finder system, guests are guided to the exact space where their car is parked, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing the time spent exiting the facility. 
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Jeff Sparrow

Regional Account Manager

“This exciting project reflects the importance of a camera-based APGS on a healthcare operation that depends on providing an elevated customer experience while maximizing the features to enhance the parking and security operation.” 

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