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Case Study


VodafoneZiggo is a leading Dutch company that supplies landline, mobile and integrated communications and entertainment services to consumers and businesses.

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The Challenge

  • To manage the access control for 650+ facilities with automatic arming/disarming functionalities.
  • Implementation of an integrated intrusion system using camera surveillance (Access Control).
  • Providing controlled process access requests via a service ticket app to optimally protect unmanned locations.
Learn about the challenges of managing access control for 650+ facilities and implementing integrated intrusion systems.

The Outcome

  • Implementation of our Access Control Management System in 500+ locations and growing.
  • Heightened security measures in place for intrusion detection based on real-time information.
  • Increasing entry security with Automatic HUB Access across sites giving dedicated access to allocated engineers.
Discover the outcomes of implementing an Access Control Management System in 500+ locations and enhancing entry security.

The Solution

Working closely with VodafoneZiggo, TKH Security were able to deliver seamless security management functionalities.

Dedicated access

To a defined location per each engineer using our Anti Passback functionality which is now in place and tackles facility issues that arise when leaving and returning to a secure area that needs to be accessed by engineers.

Multi-system & location management

Via our Multilocation functionality, which works as one system with one control center for 500+ locations. With online access control, a TKH Security system operator can manage multiple systems through the user interface of one central coordinating server.

With alarms, events, and maps receivable on the operator console of the central system, end-users will have a comprehensive overview of all occurring situations. Combining multi-site functionality with server synchronization, VodafoneZiggo can now spread risks and save time whilst stepping up the security at their facilities.

Integrated workflow with a ticket system

Critical tech rooms can now only be accessed once a web application ticket has been accepted, giving access to a specific location via IPROTECT, a functionality that was customized to a special security procedure by VodafoneZiggo. If an engineer has no ticket to a technical room, the Vodafone engineer can send a request to an operator who can then decide whether to grant access.

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Pieter Quak

Datacenter Specialist

“TKH Security’s knowledge of our situation with unmanned locations stood out in this implementation, and it allowed them to put in place a range of tailored functionalities that we needed for over 650 locations.

With our main challenges concerning access management and the need for an integrated intrusion system, TKH Security managed to cover the areas needed to heighten our security procedures and convenience.”

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