Healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and other medical treatment centers, deal with many issues nowadays that can be a threat to the wellbeing of patients as well as the staff. Issues due to cost reductions (and a higher workload for the staff), unwanted visitors in restrictive areas, protection of medication storage, but also accessibility of reserved lanes and parking for emergency vehicles. TKH Security offers the healthcare sector the solutions it needs.


Security in the healthcare sector is a topical issue that requires a cost-effective, customer-friendly solution. We understand the healthcare market and its specific business processes thanks to an in-depth knowledge and many years’ worth of experience. For example: iProtect Security is operational in more than half the hospitals in the Netherlands.

With VDG Sense video surveillance, costs can be reduced and staff and workloads can be managed.

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This solution, as part of iProtect Security as a larger whole, can bring safety and security of patients and staff to an even higher level.

By detecting and logging movements, routes, and capacity utilization of important equipment. Ans also, access control of people, vehicles and goods. Where necessary, immediate intervention is possible. Patients and visitors are registered (in advance) and you have an overview of the entrance, for example, of the parking garage. By making use of integrated Video Surveillance, Intercom and Access Control, you are in full control; a full range of security options within one solution. This innovative technology and these software solutions save money and contribute to a better image. Certainty of the very best healthcare!

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