Video surveillance in healthcare environments can help reduce costs and increase the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.

Healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and other medical treatment centers, deal with many issues nowadays that can be a threat to the wellbeing of patients as well as the staff. Issues due to cost reductions (and a higher workload for the staff), unwanted visitors in restrictive areas, protection of medication storage, but also accessibility of reserved lanes and parking for emergency vehicles.

Our video security systems can help solve these issues. We provide tailor-made solutions for the healhcare sector.



  • 3rd party integrations
  • ObjectR object detection intelligence
  • CarR license plate detection intelligence

Increase overview – reduce staff loads

Healthcare around the world is forced to reduce costs and innovate quickly to keep high quality healthcare affordable. The downside: many healthcare institutions are faced with unpopular measurements, which can eventually lead to a reduction in safety for patients and staff.

Our solution is simple: by implementing video surveillance in an effective way, costs can be reduced, staff workloads can be managed and the safety and security of patients and staff is brought to a higher level. Our experts would be happy to consult you how we can achieve this. Contact us by clicking on the button below.