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The City of Aspen transforms the parking experience at Rio Grande Parking Plaza with TKH Security’s Automated Parking Guidance System

Park Assist Solutions 08.12.2023

Cheshire, CT – December 8, 2023 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) is excited to share the news of its recent partnership with the City of Aspen for its Rio Grande Parking Plaza in Aspen, Colorado. Central to this collaboration is the implementation of a cutting-edge Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS), marking an advancement in parking efficiency and convenience for the City of Aspen. The installation commenced in December 2023, with completion slated for early 2024.

Surrounded by four monumental ski areas, Aspen is a premier ski resort town and year-round outdoor recreation destination. At an elevation of 8,000ft, Aspen is also known for its arts and culture, acclaimed cuisine, and first-class accommodations. With the installation of TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS), the City aims to elevate the experience of visitors and employees alike in its four-story parking garage,
the Rio Grande Parking Plaza.

TKH Security’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) maximizes parking facility management and elevates the parker’s experience from the moment of garage entry to finding an open space. At the heart of the automated parking guidance system (APGS) is the M5 camera-based smart sensor, capable of monitoring up to six parking spaces simultaneously. These sensors employ continuous streaming HD video 24/7, delivering real-time occupancy data for each parking bay. With accuracy exceeding 99%, M5 sensors provide precise and current information about space availability. Guiding parkers with green and red LED lights on the sensors, the system reduces the time to park by up to 63%.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with the City of Aspen on this transformative project. The decision to implement our automated parking guidance system (APGS) was driven by the City’s vision to enhance the parking experience through innovative last-mile wayfinding solutions,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Our camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, coupled with our extensive experience in parking guidance installations, ensures a reliable and efficient solution tailored to the unique needs of the City of Aspen.”

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

TKH Security is proud to partner with Kubed Fire Suppression on this project.

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