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Commercial and Residential

Our solutions for commercial and residential buildings tackle industry challenges and provide increased security, convenience, and peace of mind for visitors, operators, and facility managers.

Industry Challenges

  • Managing multiple systems through the user interface of one control room, alarms, events, and maps are receivable on the operator console of the central system. 
  • A customized overview of all floors with event-driven layouts providing an immediate focus on event-related information. 
  • Parking utilization by controlling who is making use of which parking bays and when to optimize utilization  notifying car park operators if a registered user parks in a bay allocated to another tenant. 
  • Optimizing parking facility profit for example determining how much a parker should be charged based on where they park. 

Commercial and Residential Solutions

Industry solutions in this area are becoming increasingly necessary as businesses look for ways to optimize their operations while keeping security and convenience top of mind. 

  • The implementation of Access Control solutions allows building tenants to access their premises through a variety of flexible entry methods, including mobile devices and card passes. This enhances security measures and provides a convenient experience for residents and their visitors. 
  • Our Intercom solution enables visitors to effortlessly connect with residents’ mobile devices using the ‘smart search functionality.’ This streamlines the process, allowing visitors to easily locate and establish connections through the Intercom system. 
  • We offer a Controlled Parking Solution that empowers asset owners to define parking rules and allocate parking bays to specific user groups. This solution allows for the implementation of business rules based on user types and parking duration. 
  • Greater control over vehicle distribution and usage means property owners can fully utilize every bay in their facility while ensuring that vehicles are charged appropriately for the space in which they park.

Tailored Solutions for you

  • Building communication is facilitated by our Intercom solution. The integration of COMMEND Intercom with mobile telephones enables visitors to connect with residents using the Smart Search functionality. 
  • Tenants have access to a variety of flexible methods for entry to buildings and parking areas e.g., through mobile devices and card passes. 
  • Elevator management controls access to specific floors in residential buildings, ensuring that residents can only access the floors they live on. This enhances security for all residents. 
  • Efficient event management and reaction to potential threats through event-driven management procedures using the VMS, which automatically informs operators of any activity of interest through alarms. 
  • One central control room for multiple facilities through a highly customizable solution that controls the Video Management, Access Control, and Intruder Alarm system using a graphic user interface for ease of operations. 
  • Greater control over the car park’s vehicle distribution and usage: The asset owner can fully utilize every bay in the facility, guarantee that vehicles are charged appropriately for the space in which they park, and prevent both over and underutilization of specific areas within the car park. 
  • Alerts system: An alerts system notifies car park operators if a registered user parks in a bay allocated to another tenant, thereby helping to prevent unauthorized parking and improving security. 
  • Implement advanced search options for recorded images and video streams that enable operators to conveniently bookmark or automatically export specific footage. These options are designed to address various situations, including instances of tailgating, where drivers closely follow the car in front to exit without paying. 
  • Streamlined parking experience: The Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) helps visitors quickly find available parking spaces, reducing the time spent circling the car park and searching for a spot. As a result, the car park becomes an environmentally friendly solution, contributing to reduced pollution. 
  • Increased availability: By controlling which bays are allocated to specific user groups, the APGS helps ensure that there are always available spaces for visitors. 
  • Fair pricing: The APGS allows for pricing to be determined based on where visitors park, ensuring that they are charged appropriately for the space they use. 
  • Improved traffic flow: By optimizing the utilization of the car park, the APGS helps to streamline traffic flow, reducing congestion and delays. 
Case Study

About Tamdeen Group

The Tamdeen Group of companies has grown into a driving force of development in the State of Kuwait to become a dynamic regional powerhouse. Innovation and diversity are the main pillars of the group with a focus on real estate, investment and entertainment.

The Challenge

TKH Security were tasked with the implementation of their Video Management System in 10 retail, entertainment and hospitality facilities such as the 360 Mall, Al Kout Mall, the Hyatt regency Hotel, SAMA Centres, the Souq Al Kout project and a state-of-the art international Tennis complex.

Working with such high-profile facilities, the main challenges focussed on:

  • Compliance with the recent and stringent Ministry of Interior Regulations for Video Surveillance that were implemented in Kuwait.
  • Event Driven Management – Through combination our Video Management and Access Control system for an increased level of facility security based on customer requirements.
  • Video Content Analytics – Crucial for use in public/crowded facilities with a focus on vehicle verification and intrusion detection.
Image illustrating TKH Security's implementation of their Video Management System at high-profile facilities.
  • Efficient Data Management – Recording video from cameras in the required frame rate and resolution, with the possibility of keeping it for a specified number of days.
  • Seamless Integration between our VMS, AC and Intrusion systems.

The Outcome

  • Implementation of our Video Management System across 10 large scale facilities. 
  • Heightened security through innovative functionalities, giving the client a comprehensive overview of all cameras, alarm systems, event-driven information, and access control. 
  • Customizable solutions that fit with local regulations and the challenges of running facilities with large visitor numbers and increased risks. 
Image showcasing TKH Security's Video Management System implementation across 10 facilities, enhancing security with innovative features.

The Solution

Working alongside the client to hit all objectives, we were able to comply with these requirements to offer a feasible and smart solution with our innovative Video Management System.

Manage events and react accordingly

Based on the customer requirements, event driven management procedures were implemented using our VMS where operators are automatically informed by an alarm when activity of interest takes place – especially important when monitoring areas where activity should not be taking place at specific times. 
Integration with the IPROTECT AC System was also implemented to add heightened security where the use of invalid cards or forced entry may occur. In the event of these activities happening, an alarm will be raised through the access control system alerting facility operators to act. 

Algorithms that Analyze events

Video Content Analytics (VCA) is now featured in all sites and uses algorithms to analyze video streams that can identify events through license plate recognition and intrusion detection.

Supporting data formats

When running and managing large areas that are prone to activities that compromise security, it is important for each facility to easily keep and share records with law enforcement agencies and mall management in a highly reliable, easily transferable format. TKH Security solutions support the client with easy to manage Native and MP4 export formats giving them peace of mind regarding data storage.

Prevent file deletion with non-override video tagging

To prevent files from being deleted, videos and metadata can be ‘tagged’ ensuring that files are kept with a non-override function until untagged. This is important to the client in keeping recordings that need to be stored in line with local regulations such as time frames of storage etc. 

Bookmark suspicious events

Operator bookmarks allow users to flag those moments of interest for a specific camera, accompanied by user-defined text, which is always assigned to a specific camera, date, and time. Our system is fully functional across all Tamdeen facility locations, allowing them to bookmark different kinds of events that need to be kept for future reference. 

One stream, multiple receivers

In CCTV, Multicast is a method of sending one video stream to a group of interested receivers in a single transmission where the stream is copied and pasted to all requesting receivers. Throughout the projects with Tamdeen Group, multiple streams & Multicast technology has been used to reduce the network load and was a particularly important function across the 10 facilities to use one stream for the clarity of operations.  

Video management integration

Crucial to the client’s request was to have one central control room for their multiple facilities in the future without additional investment – a function that our highly customizable solution supports and one of the features that boosted our credentials for selection by the Tamdeem Group.
Controlling the Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intruder Alarm system, the client and facilities will benefit from one graphic user interface that provides complete ease of operations.  

Tariq Anwer

Sales Director Middle East & West Asia at TKH Security

“Securing a crowded location like a mall is challenging,” states Tariq. “In highly dynamic environments like this, the mood can change in a split second. That is why it’s paramount to implement an easy-to-use video security system that supports the security officers’ tasks. We train the security operators to work with our state-of-the-art security system and educate them about the special surveillance analytics that provide intelligence about the security status.”

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Manage the needs of diverse user groups through centralized and flexible control.

The synergistic diversity of its users is what creates a strong sense of community within a multitenant development. This user diversity is also what complicates effective management of a shared parking facility.

The traditional method of dealing with this complexity is to segregate a parking facility into nested areas – each with its own barrier gates. By contrast, a camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) enables you to serve multiple user groups within a facility in a more transparent and organic way without the installation and maintenance costs of additional gates and partitions, nor losing valuable parking spaces in the process.

Industry Challenges

The needs of these diverse user groups complicate the effective management of a shared parking facility, especially when drivers are faced with non-compliant parking. Plus, with potential availability concerns, no one looks forward to the process of finding a parking space during an event or while on their way home.

Commercial and Residential Solutions

With a Parking Guidance system, you can manage the needs of diverse user groups through centralized and flexible control. The synergistic diversity of its users is what creates a strong sense of community within a mixed-use development.

Tailored Solutions for You 

Since each vehicle that parks in a Park Assist Solution monitored facility is identified through our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the core INX system keeps track of exactly who’s using your garage, how often, and when. As a result, you receive a complete and accurate picture of how much parking capacity is truly needed by the various tenants within a mixed-use facility. This unbiased data is invaluable when negotiating favorable parking leases, and for making operational decisions across the board.

The parking demands for a mixed-use facility can change from day to day, and even from hour to hour. As opposed to having rigid areas for various tenants and functions, a patented smart-sensing automated parking guidance system (APGS) empowers to you to shift capacity among user groups as needed. Each M5 sensor in our APGS has an RGB (LED) indicator, displaying thousands of colors to indicate parking space occupancy status and space type (i.e., retail, resident, delivery, etc.). Since the LED colors can be scheduled, this ensures ample spaces for commercial/business users during the workday and unlocks unused spaces on nights/weekends for increased retail activity and special events.

Case Study

About East Village Retail Centre

The East Village Retail Centre, owned by Mirvac Retail, is an acclaimed development in Zetland, south of Sydney’s Central Business District. It has become one of Sydney’s most exceptional and popular destinations for residential, retail, and dining.

The Challenge

As a truly mixed-use facility, East Village needed a powerful Car Park Technology Platform to service its various user groups and their distinct demands.

With over 6.7 million annual visitors, Mirvac wanted to create a more streamlined and enjoyable parking experience across all user groups. Eager to alleviate congestion in the car park, ensure availability, and increase garage utilization, Mirvac looked to better control who was utilizing which parking bays and when.

Specific objectives included:

  • Minimizing the amount of additional parking equipment.
  • The ability to determine how much a parker should be charged based not only on who they are, but where they park.
How can the mixed-use facility solve its parking garage problems with an automated parking guidance system (APGS)
  • An alerts system to notify Car Park Operators if a registered user parks in a bay allocated to another tenant.

The Outcome

  • Reduced costs (without gates or additional hardware) using the PARCS to deliver TKH Security’s “Control to the Bay™” automated parking guidance system (APGS) solution was up to 24% less expensive than implementing hard or soft nesting alternatives.
  • East Village Car Park Operators have the flexibility to adapt to even the most unpredictable circumstances (e.g., contactless “Click & Collect” services, site maintenance, and construction).
  • Greater control over the car park’s vehicle distribution and usage with optimized utilization of the facility.
East Village Retail Centre now has control to the bay with an APGS

The Solution

Through an integration of the Parking Management System (PMS) and automated parking guidance (APGS), business rules can be defined and applied to determine how to treat different user groups based on who they are and where and how long they parked (space by space pricing). This in effect, moves the parking management and control line from the entries and exits down to the bay. Two traditional approaches to segmenting a car park are Hard and Soft Nesting.

These approaches

Require the installation of hardware at the designated entry and exit points of the segmented zone.
Result in additional hardware costs and inflexible zones that cannot be easily adapted to meet the facilities or customers’ changing needs.
In light of this, Mirvac chose to leverage TKH Security and its Park Assist APGS to help.
TKH Security’s controlled parking solution gives control back to the Asset Owner, empowering them to define which bays are assigned to each specific user type, with the added flexibility to easily adjust these
designations as required.

Results & Improvements

Reduced costs (without gates or additional hardware) using the PARCS to deliver TKH Security’s “Control to the Bay™” automated parking guidance system (APGS) solution was up to 24% less expensive than implementing hard or soft nesting alternatives.
East Village Car Park Operators have the flexibility to adapt to even the most unpredictable circumstances (e.g., contactless “Click & Collect” services, site maintenance, and construction). Parking Bays can be temporarily redistributed to another location or utilized for additional demands with little disruption to users’ parking routines, space utilization or revenue control within the facility.

Optimized Utilization of the Facility

With greater control over the car park’s vehicle distribution and usage, the Asset Owner can:

  • Fully utilize every bay in the facility.
  • Guarantee that vehicles are charged appropriately for the space in which they park.
  • Negate over and underutilization of specific areas within the car park.
    Provide all user groups with easy access to convenient parking.

Higher Return on Existing Investments

Car Park Operators can meticulously track and react to compliance abuse as the camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) captures evidence in real-time of how and when parking spaces are utilized, ensuring availability, streamlining traffic flow, and driving new revenue opportunities. Since introducing new parking technologies, East Village Car Park’s revenue has increased by 275%.

Icon quote

Alex Perryman

Center Manager East Village Shopping Centre Mirvac Retail

“The “Control to the Bay” solution has had the dual benefit of improving the customer experience by streamlining customer circulation, time to park and reduced delays on exit while unlocking greater revenue capture for the asset. I doubt such a positive result would have been possible without the support of Park Assist.”

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