About TKH Security

Driven By Innovation

About TKH Security

TKH Security offers innovative solutions for any security need, based on over 20 years of solid experience. The group has enormous experience in the development and provision of :

  • State-of-the-art solutions for access control and security & site management
  • Innovative and flexible high-end systems for video security
  • All-round and multilevel software for parking control rooms and building management

TKH Security consists of highly educated and experienced employees who strive to exceed customer expectations and to continuously develop innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration.

Our company is located in Amsterdam and Zoetermeer.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be a major contributor to the creation of safe and secure environments for everyone. The company is focused on projects in different vertical markets (i.a. infrastructurebuilding, parkinghealthcare, and telecom), offering total security systems from single- to multi-site and corporate environments.

Our organisation is flexible and approachable, with commitment to our partners and customers, where reliability and service is of paramount importance. Innovation is driven throughout the company by the mindset of our people and their continuous search for new possibilities and applications of our software. Our software is developed in-house with a focus on openness, usability and simplicity.

About VDG Sense

VDG Sense is our video management software. With VDG Sense you have control of all live images and stored video data, in a user-friendly interface. It is scalable from just a few, to a few hundred cameras and other connected devices. Integration in any (video) security environment and with any security device is made easy through an open platform, a well-documented API and ONVIF support.

About FlinQ

FlinQ is our integration system that makes it all possible. Whether controlling hundreds of international parking garages with a very high call volume, a set of high security buildings with a sophisticated control strategy or a football stadium with a massive numbers of cameras and video analysis tools, FlinQ remains the dominant factor to streamline and control the dataflows enabling optimum operator ease & efficiency.

About iProtect

iProtect is our Security solution that combines all aspects of security in a single clear platform. A fully-fledged Security Management System that can be adapted to every situation. It’s multifunctional and for that reason it’s divided into iProtect Access, iProtect Security and iProtect Site. For every security challenge, iProtect is the answer.



About the TKH Group

TKH Group specializes in the development and delivery of systems and networks for the provision of information, telecommunication, electrotechnical engineering and industrial production. Founded in 1930, TKH Group has a rich history in the development and production of electrotechnical engineering. TKH Group is now one of the world’s leading providers of telecom solutions, building solutions and industrial solutions, and is active in 24 countries worldwide.

More information about the TKH Group can be found on the corporate website: www.tkhgroup.com.