Security Management

From access control to a complete security management system with the highest level of security. Easy to manage with just one dashboard.

Security Management

How do you ensure that your buildings and sites are secured and your employees and visitors feel safe? TKH Security offers you a wide variety of security solutions, from only access control to a combination of several technological solutions that come together on one dashboard.

Most important features

  • Access control
  • Visitors registration
  • E-mail support
  • Video surveillance
  • Intercom
  • Intrusion detection
  • One clear dashboard with real-time overviews
Access Control
Granting access is of course the most important function of an access control system. We offer you a fully equipped security management system with card readers, visitor registration, e-mail support and person authorisation in specific areas. Our access control system is suitable for a wide range of card readers.

Download the Safety Conscious Brochure

Video Surveillance
By adding video surveillance to your security system it is possible for you to watch what is happening real-time at a specific location and respond immediately. By integrating IP-cameras, codecs and video analysis techniques with the latest streaming methods, we offer you an excellent image quality. The system is based on an open architecture, which makes it easy to integrate and install (API en ONVIF support).

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We offer intercom systems that are among the best in the world via our sister company Commend. It’s possible, for example, to recognize employees by their voice or to combine conversations with video images. The system has an excellent sound and image quality. By using analog techniques in combination with digital signal processing (DSP) the system is extremely future-oriented.

Eager to learn more about the security solution with the FlinQ system? Just download the brochure here

Download the FlinQ Brochure
Intrusion Detection
Via our sister company Alphatronics, we offer intrusion detection systems for multiple locations which can be managed at a central location. This is efficient and cost effective. As soon as an intrusion is detected the alarm system immediately sends a notification to the control room or security department.

Our security solution is scalable and therefore can be easily expanded to multiple locations. In addition to the necessary software you can also contact us for the associated hardware such as controllers, card readers, cameras and intercom systems. The solution is unique because it integrates various systems and you can monitor and manage everything with just one dashboard.

Our security solution is developed in house with extensive experience and creativity and it meets the needs of the various market segments or we develop tailor made for you. With our security solution you always have everything under control remotely. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Market Segments

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security, video, parking facility, parking guidance and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. For every specific market segment we work towards a perfect fit with our technological solutions.