Marine, Oil & Gas

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security management, video surveillance, parking facility management, parking guidance and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. Discover the extensive technological solutions for marine, oil and gas.

Marine, Oil & Gas

High-risk operations, such as marine, oil and gas industries (MOG), depend on maximum reliability and safety when it comes to security. TKH Security offers solutions for various segments within the marine, oil and gas industries including but not limited to, drilling rigs, refineries, dredgers, various vessels, and super tankers. It is important that these objects are monitored continuously to decrease incidents which can cause public concern with immense financial risks involved.

TKH Security offers the industry a wide variety of technological security solutions that address challenges, such as:
  • Surveillance of objects to optimize safety
  • Perimeter surveillance and intrusion detection for unmanned platforms and substations
  • Monitoring sensitive areas like helidecks, winches, loading docks and drilling rigs in terms of intrusion, temperature, humidity, smoke development and leakage
  • Hotspot and intrusion detection
  • Process monitoring
  • Flare monitoring
  • Being able to respond in time to malfunctions or intrusion
  • Transmitting footage over vast distances with no latency
  • Minimizing unwanted visitors in restricted areas
  • Registration of employees and contractors
  • Giving remote access visitors and staff for critical assets from secure platforms anywhere and anytime
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 & 2 CCTV cameras.
You have your entire security and monitoring under control with just one dashboard by using integrated video surveillance, access control, hotspot and intrusion detection. Our solutions range from highly durable explosion-proof and rugged stainless-steel cameras, to intelligent software. Regardless of the number of locations, we have a suitable solution for you.

We have a broad knowledge of the marine, oil and gas market segments and are familiar with the specific needs. This because many of our customers are active in these market segments. You can find more information about our solutions and the various (inter)national projects in which we were involved, below.

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